Produce Report: She's a sweet potato (?) this week.

1/26/2009 07:00:00 AM
Today I'm 18 weeks pregnant.
And I am completely and 100% grossed about by the image above (ew, ew, ew) of an alleged sweet potato. If I weren't a lady - I'd give other examples of what I thought it looked like. However, I needn't shame my mother who just celebrated her birthday yesterday.

Moving on.

Lila is considered to be 16 weeks old. And not all that modest, given the last look at her area at our last ultrasound. We'll have to work on that. (I'm sure that comes from Craig.) Also at the ultrasound, she waved to us and we could see all 10 fingers. She also has one super-cute face already.

Q. How is your core temperature?
A. Comparable to what the temperature would be like if one lived on the sun. I am perpetually stiflingly hot. Like, wish-I-could-wear-fewer-clothes-to-work-but-it-would-be-inappropriate hot.

Q. Let's talk about your hair. How is it?
A. Frizzy. I think my hormonees (pronounced whore-moan-eeeee-s) are a titch out of control. My once smooth hair is frizzy all the time. I'm thinking of just never rinsing out my conditioner and going the greasy route.

Q. Let's also talk about your pants. How do they feel?
A. Tight. I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy pants because, well... my pregnancy pants I wrote about several weeks ago haven't arrived yet. (YAY MEXICO!) Luckily, I buy ultra-super-low jeans. (Think lead-singer-of-Aerosmith/Poison-style-jeans. Cool, eh? YEP.)

Q. Does Mexico do anything lovely for pregnant women? In terms of automobile parking?
A. Why yes! They do. Please see below. And yes, that's handicap/expectant mother parking.

Q. Have you felt La, La, La, Lila move yet?
A. YES! On Tuesday night I did! She likes to float around (I'm assuming she's dancing) at the end of the night as we settle in to watch DVR'd stuff. It felt as if it does when your fingertips lightly graze the top of your skin. I'm hoping she's smooth and flowy - more like Nancy Kerrigan, less like Tonya Harding.

Q. How registering going?
A. Slow.

Q. Have you ordered any bedding yet?
A. Um, yes - like 2 weeks ago before I was even sure that the sweet potato (?) was a girl I ordered a fitted sheet, skirt, bumper, quilt and blanket.Why did I like it? Um, it has 3-D dresses on it. See here.

And, here I am. Pregnant. (Before I ate an iota of food.) Yesterday morning. Ignore my bed-head.

Farewell... until next week!


  1. I'm SO excited you felt her move! I can't wait until you can see a foot go across your stomach and you can freak out Craig. It use to scare the crap out of Louis to randomly see a hand come sticking out of my side.

  2. First, you are right, that sweet potatoe is gross...i think there is hair or something coming out of the side...blech

    I bet Lila will LOVE the bedding, I mean she has to have that same good fashion sense as her mommy! I think it is adorable :)

    P.S. I think that was very nice of Lila to wave and say HI to you two....what a polite young lady already ;)

  3. I think maybe you should photoshop out some of the nobulues (yes, I made up that word) and hair sticking out of that thing! Unfortunately, sweet taters are just not that cute (I looked on Google for a better one. No luck!)

    I like your produce reports. Look forward to them!

  4. P.S. My ob/gyn was a bit of a comedian. When we did our ultrasound he was talking to the tech. Athena all of a sudden turned toward the screen and did a full on "Hustler" shot. They laugh and he goes "Hahahaha typical woman." Then looks at us in horror like he forgot we were there and had NO idea how we would react. Of course Louis laughed. I told him not to speak of my darling sweet fetus in such a way.

  5. Ew. I'm confident your little sweet potato is cuter than that thing. I hope she only has TWO eyes.


  6. 1). super cute bedding. i love it.

    2). like i had any doubt that her little face would be cute. i mean, look at all those beautiful nieces and nephews!

    3). YAY for convenient parking and YAY for feeling Lila move.

  7. Since I'm typing on the computer and you can't hit me in person.... would it be ok to share that some people's texture of hair changes during pregnancy and never goes back to "normal"? :)

    I did enjoy the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding scenario!

  8. Hello all!

    #1. I'd like to confirm that I haven't used the pregnant woman parking yet, as I'm convinced that someone will look at me and say, "You're not pregnant - you just have a gut!"

    #2. I'm glad we're all in agreement about that, "sweet potato." Gross.

    #3. Sarah, thank you for looking for OTHER sweet potatoes on google.

    #4. Mickey D - your "two eyes" comment made me laugh out loud. You are so clever.

  9. My niece has that same bedding! It is absolutely ADORABLE in person as well!

    Thanks for the updates - I love them!!

  10. Quiet Oasis--I am one of those people!

    That sweet potato reminds me of the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when Marie makes Ray that sculpture and is oblivious to the vulgarity of it.

    The bedding, however, is adorable. I think it would be awesome if you put a dress form in her nursery, a la Project Runway. I saw a really cool decorative wire one in the JCPenney catalog. I would've loved to have had a dress form in my room when I was a little girl. Just an idea.


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