Produce Report: It's an orange this week.

1/05/2009 07:30:00 AM
Today, I'm 15 weeks pregnant and approximately 1,348 weeks old. What does the mean? The baby's 13 weeks old and I'm still in my fourth month and I'm 29. It has hair, fingernails and is starting to look less like a martian (that doesn't come from my side of the family...) and more like a person.

Q. Can you feel the baby yet?
A. No. But I can for the first time ever, feel heartburn. Every night.

Q. Any weird changes this week?
A. I'm uber smell-oriented to begin with. (I smell everything before I eat it and smells are memories for me. I can remember my Mom's perfume when I was in second grade, the smell of our neighbor's house, the chlorine of my Grandma's pool (it was somehow different) and the distinct smell of my baby sister after she got out of the bath as a toddler.) That said, when people hug me and their perfume STAYS with me I find it somewhat repelling. This is new for me - as I normally love to smell new perfumes/colognes. Not no 'mo.

Q. Do you look pregnant yet?
A. I feel as if my belly is starting to um...become..."round". I literally walked past a mirror on Saturday and saw my profile and audibly gasped. It may not look like much to you, but trust me - it's different. Seriously, if you saw me sans clothes - you'd notice a difference. (Just email me, I'll send you those pictures... heh, heh. Kidding.) There I am below a few days ago: 14 weeks and about 4 days pregnant without breakfast or any food recently eaten.

Q. Have you gained any weight?
A. Um. Yeah. I'd say about 5.5 lbs. The baby's big. Already. :-) I know it has nothing to do with the pop tarts mentioned below.

Q. Are you wearing maternity clothes?

A. No. My pants are starting to get a bit tighter but I'm preferring just to deny it. I also deny my real height and weight on my Ohio driver's license.

Q. Do you plan on wearing maternity clothes?
A. I'm trying to avoid it at all costs. But I bought these maternity jeans (below) on last week and I think they look cute. I hope they fit.Q. Since you can't drink wine without feeling gigantic pangs of guilt, what's your drink of choice?
A. Sparkling water con limon. Yum. I'm craving this stuff. (And yes, in a wine glass. I feel that many beverages are just better when served in stemware. This phenomenon can be likened to how when you get new tennis shoes, you can immediately jump higher and run faster.)

Q. Are you craving anything and who has the best brother in the world?
A. Yes I am and I do. He was grocery shopping and bought me a total of 24 single pop tarts (cherry, blueberry and strawberry) and two bars of extra sharp cheddar cheese. (These items are hard to come by here.) THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.*

*Note: Yes, I have read the nutrition facts on pop tarts and you're right, I shouldn't eat them. It's just that, I had a dream a few nights ago and the baby was requesting quite forcibly that I eat more of them. It's the least I can do.

We have an ultrasound today. I can't wait to see the little orange, again. The last time we saw it (4 weeks ago) it was moving around like crazy, we counted the fingers and the toes and I am not kidding: IT WAVED. I'm pleased we have a friendly child.

Note: Thanks for voting in my baby blog name poll at left. Voting ends Wed. I appreciate it!

Note: Pop tarts are seriously the perfect dessert item. A lone pop tart is all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try it.


  1. the smell thing will not go away til after baby arrives. it can get bad....when i was preggers i couldn't handle the smell of mushrooms. or even the mention of the name mushrooms. ugh.

    heartburn: yeah, this won't go away either. heck, i'm still on prescription meds for it (2 years after the last baby!). try tums. and sleeping on your left side.

    and now...i want some pop tarts. :) haha.

  2. I LOVE these updates & FAQ's :)

    So, as someone who does not know, at what point can one tell the sex of a baby?

    I hope you and the little orange enjoy those pop-tarts and cheese!!

  3. I was OBSESSED with pop tarts as well. I also had to douse everything in Estee Lauder Pleasures for some reason. I BEGGED Louis for steak sandwiches and then would vomit at the smell of them cooking.

    Can't wait to see the ultrasound pictures!!!!! Athena punched me on hers.

  4. Thanks for the update! I am enjoying these. The fingernails one reminded me of Juno - you should watch again that since you are pregnant too.

  5. WK: you can usually find out at your 20 week ultrasound. @ least that's when i found out.

    anyone else?

  6. W.K. - Yep, I think 20 weeks is pretty normal in the States. Here, you get an ultrasound on every visit.

    I have talked to people who saw a boy as early as 14 weeks (I'm 15 weeks.)

    If we don't see what it is tonight, I'll anty up and go back to the Dr. in 2-3 more weeks, just to find out. :-)

  7. I found out with both of my pregnancies that it was a boy at 16 weeks! Can't wait to hear what you are having!

  8. A question for next time's post:
    will these reports always include the baby's size in terms of fruit? will there every be vegetable or various athletic ball references??

    also, i think pop-tarts are totally full of nutrition.

    p.s. - you LOOK GREAT!

  9. Trophy Life is right, you DO look great!

    I like the fruit and veggie references, they make me laugh. The minute the baby takes the shape of a Pop-tart let us know!

    I also really love that you said the baby doesn't get the martian-like qualities from your side of the family. HA!

  10. I seriously will anxiously await the next of these posts K:)

    Quite informational... hehehe...

    You look great!

    P.S. My friend Heather saw your pic on Facebook and thought you looked fabulous too:)


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