Produce Report: It's an onion this week.

1/19/2009 07:30:00 AM
What a gross vegetable to compare the baby to, no? Blech.

Ok, I'm 17 weeks today. According to the Bible (What to Expect when You're Expecting) I am in my 4th week of my 4th month.

This week the baby is developing a bit of body fat and my uterus is apparently the size of a small melon. (I know. What's with all the fruit comparisons?)

Let's dig right in. Short update this week. Not much going on.

Q. How do you feel?
A. I'm not kidding, I feel guilty with how great I feel. All is well. I'm exercising and am happy. I cannot wait to feel the produce kick.

Q. What is your current drama/obstacle?
A. Um, registering for baby stuff. I decided this week that I was going to start the process. I talked with some new Moms and expecting Moms and started researching consumer reports (thanks cousin!) and proceeded to only overwhelm myself to the point of shutting my computer and going to eat a spoonful of chocolate frosting. Currently there are 3 things on my registry (Including the car seat below, rated #1 on consumer reports. Important since I live in crazy-driving Mexico.) Heavy sigh.
Q. Are you going to tell us the gender of the baby yet?
A. Nope. We have another ultrasound on Tuesday to hopefully confirm the already 97% confirmed gender. I'm so excited. I think I'll even tell you the name. The onion has been named for quite some time now. We keep using it all the time. It's fun. Makes it more real. What do YOU think it is?

Is it a boy or a girl?
I already know and won't say a word.
I have no idea.
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Q. Are the other two mammals in my household gaining weight right along with me?
A. Does it even remotely surprise you that my relentlessly calm and consistent husband has not gained one ounce? It doesn't surprise me. Now, my little muffin-head Fergie? She's gained half a pound. I'm not kidding you, ask C. She's eating all the time. As in, clearing her bowl and then kicking it around until we fill it with more food. She's skyrocketed from 8 lbs. to 8.5. :-)

Q. How much weight have I gained?
A. At this point, I've gained about 7 lbs. I guess that's normal. Whatev.

Q. How do you feel about kegel exercises?
A. I hate them and they are not comfortable and don't seem natural. Apparently they're important so you don't pee when you sneeze in the days/months/years following the birth. Ugh. Add that to the, "Really? No one tells you this" list.

Q. Word on the street is that pregnant women have crazy dreams. Are you?
A. Let's just say that prior to being pregnant I slept like a rock. Now, I dream constantly. This past week I dreamed that Craig shot me. It was just a flesh wound. And as I was recounting the dream to my sister she noticed that I said, "...and the problem was we couldn't get to a hospital in time because we were camping." She calmly noted, "Um. I think the problem was that Craig shot you, not that you couldn't get to the hospital."


Ok, that's all for now! Next week I'll post more pictures...


  1. Your little onion is making your have crazy dreams. "It was just a flesh wound" made me crack up.

    Glad you are feeling so well!!!

  2. I think it is so funny that the Ferg is eating more food!! She must sense the baby and thinks she needs to eat more too ;)

  3. That is a GREAT carseat! We have the same one and love it! So does our little peanut. ;)

  4. 1. Those car seats are fab.
    2. You deserve to feel good.
    3. Craig would totally just give a stern warning shot.

  5. funny dreams!! : )
    also, do not feel too guilty that you are feeling great. in my humble opinion - YOU deserve it.

  6. I have a good list I've compiled on "things you need for a baby". I'll email you them later tonight on FB. :)

  7. Love these updates! You crack me up!!!


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