Ok, another celebrity had her babies. Let's talk about the names.

1/05/2009 12:40:00 PM
Rebecca Romijn just gave birth to twins. And they are:

Dolly Rebecca Rose
Charlie Tamara Tulip


My quick thoughts:
There's only one Dolly and her last name is Parton.
Tamara is my best friend's name.
Are three names BEFORE the last name necessary?
Tulips are cute. Are they a proper noun, as in a name? I'm not sure.
I like the name Charlie.

However, since she gave birth two children in a row - she's exempted and can name her children I suppose whatever she want. At least in my eyes.

Heck, they can be, "Frank" and "Beans", if she wants.


  1. All in all, they could have been worse.

    I also like Charlie for a girl.

  2. When I read this today on people.com, I thought the EXACT same few thoughts as you.

    Agreed... Charlie is a super cute name. Dolly? Not so much.

  3. it could have been much worse...but still, do babies need 3 names before their last name? i think not.

    i think all celebrities need to go to baby naming school before they give birth. it should be a law.

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  5. Rebecca actually named the baby Dolly after the great Dolly Parton because she's Rebecca's favorite singer.

    Got that from my famous sister :)

  6. I.T.- Glad that her favorite singer wasn't Meatloaf. Whew.

  7. blech, I just feel like they aren't great names as a whole but not SO horrible either...just blech. Maybe it is the three names that are throwing me off....if they just had two of the three they would be fine.

  8. At the firm I worked at prior to moving to Charlotte, one of the partners names is Frank Beans. I'm not kidding. His wife's name is Anne. She kept her maiden name though. Who wouldn't?


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