Movie Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

1/22/2009 03:00:00 PM
I'm conflicted. And, I know this is up for a boatload of oscars, including Best picture. (Or whatever they call it.)

Pros of the movie:
  • It was touching in some scenes.
  • It was based in New Orleans, which is a nice nod.
  • Brad Pitt is pretty hot (as a younger guy).
  • Cate Blanchett is normally pretty great to watch.
  • Queenie (Brad Pitt's Mom in the movie) was lovely.
  • The anti-aging of Brad Pitt's character was pretty impressive.
Cons of the movie:
  • It was long.
  • It wasn't cohesive.
  • It was really long.
  • The movie didn't flow. And in 3 hours, I feel they had ample time to make the movie more seamless.
Would I see it again? No.
Did I think it was a lot like Forest Gump? Yes.
Would I rather watch Forest Gump again? Yes.


Debbie Downer


  1. Thank you for the review! All I can say is you need to see Gran Torino.

  2. I detest Brad Pitt. I heard it had nothing to do with Fitzgerald's book, whom I LOVE... so I shall read the book instead.

  3. HAHA! You signed that post "Debbie Downer" That CRACKED me up!

  4. I am so shocked that you didn't love this movie. I absolutely loved it and thought is was done so well. Glad that your wrote your real opinion though!

  5. Iris! I KNOW! I wanted to like it SO badly...

    You know, I think I tried so hard to like the movie... and built it up SO much... that it was just not all that great for me. ;-(

    I'm disappointed in myself.


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