MexMo: A dozen.

1/08/2009 03:58:00 PM
Today, one of the male real estate agents I work with came into my office today just to see Ferg (that's normal). And, in a really high-pitched voice he squeaked out, "You're the hardest working dog I know. Yes you are! Yes you are!", as he petted her.

Was that annoying? No.

Here's why: I find it FANTASTIC that during her afternoon at the office today exactly one dozen people have had their "Ferg time." She visits their desks, they bend down as they walk by to pet her, they even pick her up and hug her.

(Yesterday's comment was my favorite from a client. I had my door open and Ferg was sitting in her basket above. The client could see Ferg and said to her friend, "Oh my gosh! Look at that dog! On her desk! In a basket!" It reminded me of, "You've got a baby! In a bar!")

I digress. I know that you're technically not supposed to have dogs at work, and for the most part I support that. (But, Ferg's human. Seriously. Ask anyone.) It's not ok for restaurants to have mascot dogs OR for hospitals. Real Estate brokerages? I'm ok with it.

She's a four-legged stress-reliever.

Here, here to my little Ferginator: the hardest workin' dog I know.


  1. Can someone pug this dog on the payroll for crying out loud?!! Seriously.
    OH, and I can attest to the fact that she's human. Which is why she cried tears when I left her (not that she has bad parents or anything, just that she has emotions).
    Also, i cannot believe she still fits in the basket!

  2. She is so darn cute!!! And I bet she'll be a great babysitter too. Beau used to come let me know when Alex was up from her nap.

  3. Just an off comment, but Ferg's hair looks remarkably like Larry's in that photo.



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