Liquid Vs. Dry

1/02/2009 08:00:00 AM
*I'd like to preface this post with a big fat, "I don't care what's right, since I don't like cooking..." But, it's still somewhat interesting. (Iris Took, would love to hear what your chef BF thinks...)

I would only put liquids in a liquid measuring cup, as seen below.And, I would only put dry ingredients in measuring cups like the ones below.Why? Because that's what you do.

THEN I met C. He strongly believed that it was irrelevent as to which measuring cup type one used whether liquid or dry! WHAT?! I argued. Emphatically. He couldn't possibly be right!

Fast forward to my recent trip to Missouri.
I was making cook&serve pudding (the only kind of pudding worth eating, if you ask me)... ...and I added in the milk with (gasp!) dry measuring cups.

My sister and Mom nearly "The pie is going to be ruined!"

I found myself on C.'s side of the fence arguing, "It makes no difference! Watch and see."

They shook their heads in disbelief.

It worked. Tasted fine.
So I looked it up.
Um, there is not a clear answer.

Some say that it just works better to put solids (flour/sugar) in a scoop rather then a liquid cup.
Some say there is a SLIGHT difference (because of volume and math, blah, blah, blah)...but not anything close enough to make a difference in the recipe.
I'm thinking this is a potato/potahtoe issue. (Though I've never met anyone who says, "potahtoe".)
Seacrest out.


  1. Yeah, I don't know if I have ever noticed a serious difference or problem resulting from using the wrong type of measuring device. I do prefer if I am going all out baking to use the liquid for liquids and dry for dry.....but when I need them for small baking projects or cooking I tend to always use the liquid cup for everything!

  2. no real reason why i do it, but i always use the dry cups for dry ingredients and the liquid cups for wet ingredients. i'm just weird that way. :)

  3. I have never been an exact measurer (Martha would not approve). That's the fun of cooking and baking though - it's done with "personality."


    For the first time EVER......Sorry, C, but there is a volume difference and you are encouraged to use the appropriate measuring cups for your ingredients.


  5. The site says " Using a liquid measure for dry ingredients and vice versa MAY alter the outcome of a dish."

    So it may alter the outcome.

    I guess if your a 5 star pastry chef you should use the proper device.

    If your just cooking for the family or making a cake in a box there is still no need to discriminate.

  6. I have known that a liquid measuring cup is for liquid, and I don't think i would ever use it for dry ingredients. I think it seems hard to level off one cup flour in a 2 cup cup. But with the individual amount cups I actually never in my life thought twice about using liquid in a "dry ingredients" cup. And I must say I love too cook/bake(from scratch) and Im pretty good at it(at least my husband thinks so!)
    And I agree with C, if you are a 5 start chef it might matter otherwise no biggie.


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