Like Mr. Rogers.

1/22/2009 07:00:00 AM
Remember how Mr. Rogers always wore the same "play shoes" when he went to work at his workshop, er office? Or whatever that was? I believe he hung up his coat in the closet, put on his cardigan, took off his penny loafers and would put his "fun" shoes on. The same kind of shoe year after year. Actually, I'm willing to say the same pair of shoes.

Anywho, just like Mr. Rogers was content with the same shoes year after year, I would be content to wear these running shoes for the rest of my years.

I believe this is my second or third pair of this particular style. (993) I've always been a New Balance fan, but these little goodies have changed the mood of my feet from melancholy to happy.

There is no better shoe.

P.S. I think I secretly love them because my Dad wore and ran in the same style more than 20 years ago.


  1. Really? I will have to try them out seeing as how I am in the market for a new pair.

  2. As I'm not a tennis shoes kind of gal, when I found a pair that I adore it was nothing short of a miracle. Of course they were Coach. And of course I had to have them.

  3. I love New Balance shoes, they are the only sneakers I wear.

    I like the word sneakers.

  4. We need stock in New Balance, all three of us have multiple pairs. We have a New Balance store here in T-Town and they are so helpful.

    Thank you for the Mr. Rogers memories. My Grandpa would always walk past the tv and glance and then look at me and say "You're watching that Mr. Peckerhead again". At the time I didn't realize how funny that was.


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