I'm 29. Why wouldn't I want a...

1/09/2009 10:00:00 AM
...Sleep number bed?
I feel that one of the most worthwhile pursuits throughout my day is sleeping. I am able to fall asleep within 3 minutes of my head hitting the pillow. (I'm not kidding. It's my skill. Some can sing, ice skate or bake -- I can sleep.)

So today I wanted to check out just HOW much these sleep number beds are.
First, I had to take a test.
Here's the mattress pair I picked out.
Ready for the price?
It's only $1,849.99 to $2,749.99
(Is that bad?)
So maybe living where we live will make the 30-day trial period kind of logistically difficult. Maybe this needs to be a U.S. of A. dream? Until then, I decided I could settle on making my own dream pillow. Using this handy-dandy tool.

As it turns out, I built myself a high-dollar pillow:
I tell you what, these sleep number items are where.it's.at.
However, I really don't think I could sleep well on a $144.00 pillow. One hundred and forty-four dollars? This seems like a little much.

Ah well. One can dream.


  1. My aunt and uncle have a sleep number bed - IT'S AMAZING! Best bed I have EVER slept on.

    But I won't be affording one any time soon.

  2. Good mattresses at SUPER exensive anyway. If you're thinking about getting one, do it before you get super huge and uncomfortable. That alone makes it worth it. It just might keep you from punching Craig in the face for not having an alien in his stomach and being able to sleep... not that I did that.

  3. Oops, that was me with the family blog name.

  4. I guess you could have gathered that by the picture. Whatever. I just finished 22 hours of real estate con-ed.

  5. If you don't have a king, I say you follow Nadja's advice and get it before you get too big and go King. We didn't get a king until after Alex was born and I don't know how I did it except for the fact Jeff is out of town a lot.

  6. I tried all at the mall store and purchased the 5000. Changed my mind after reading reviews on the internet. Research! Instead, I have ordered a memory foam at Overstock.com which has gotten rave reviews from buyers. I purchased a soft queen. The price was great and no tax. Should come this week - I can't wait. Lots of money and bad review freaked me out on the select comfort.

  7. WE have a sleep number bed and LOVE it so much that when we replaced out guest bedroom bed, we bought a sleep number bed for our guests.

  8. Bob and Tom radio talk show talk about the Sleep Number bed all the time and love it. My parents have one and love it. Go for it!

  9. See I don't know if this would work for us because then I would have to lay on two different numbers as I like to lay in the middle of the bed. I go to bed before Terry so many nights I fall asleep on HIS pillow but with half my body on my side of the bed....I have never been a straight sleeper, I prefer sleeping on angle :) I think the bed T & I got was the BEST BED in all the universe, though I can not remember what it is called. But it is King sized and soft and like sleeping on a cloud in God's arms. It is awesome!!!

  10. We have had our rounds with terrible mattresses lately and we have thought about buying something new and dreamy. After reading your post I'm going to head over and check out what we would be... number wise and then figure out the price range. We'll probably end up with another cheap end comfort... but you never know. I like to dream too!


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