I think that's cheating.

1/30/2009 01:27:00 PM
An actual question I fielded from a co-worker on behalf of a homeowner regarding our company Super Bowl party this Sunday:

"We have a homeowner RSVPing for the Super Bowl party but he wants to know what's on the menu because he's a vegetarian, however he can eat hot dogs."


Couple of things:

#1. The event is free. You will eat and drink what we have. Happilly.
#2. I don't believe true "vegetarians" have exceptions to the meat rule. I could be wrong.
#3. If vegetarians did have the opportunity to vote in one allowable meat product, I'm pretty confident it wouldn't be hot dogs.



  1. most ridiculous exception - many meat eaters don't even go for hotdogs

  2. maybe this guy misunderstood when people are always saying that "hot dogs are not meat".

    Love it.

  3. "I don't eat meat. Unless it comes from a questionable, unidentifiable source, where it is then processed and injected with nitrites/nitrates to keep it 'fresh.'"

  4. the funny thing is, i do have one wacky "vegetarian" friend that goes off the wagon for 2 things -- hotdogs and bacon. and somehow, it makes me love her even more. :)

  5. That's really funny, almost like it's a joke funny. I know people that are quasi-vegetarians who think that if they don't eat red meat they are ok since chicken is a healthier option. Hot dogs! That's great.

  6. It is so funny that you would post on hot dogs, because I heard on the news that some were tested recently, and found to have alligator meat in them- it also hearkened back to high school, and you got food poisoning from said food- do you remember that?

  7. Um, if it were a stadium hot dog I would totally understand.


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