He's better than Prince I guess.

1/29/2009 07:00:00 AM
It appears that this Sunday Mr. Bruce Springsteen, aka, "Ths Boss" will provide the halftime show entertainment at the Super Bowl.

Here's how I feel about this:

I really don't care. He doesn't bother me, nor do I know any songs he's ever recorded except, "Dancing in the Dark" (you know, the one where Courtney Cox dances in the video?) or, "Born in the USA" and my personal fave Springsteen hit, "Philadelphia."

Is there another act I'd rather see play the half-time show?

Um. Should you even ask?

THE Mr. Lionel Richie.


  1. 1970s-era Bruce Springsteen would've been the best performance to watch. Now that he's slowed down a bit, I wonder if it'll be an Aerosmith-type performance again. I'm concerned.

  2. I'm indifferent to "the Boss."

    But NO WAY he's better than Prince.
    Prince rocks.

  3. I have added Bruce Springsteen to my list of people who have become parodies of their former selves.


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