Golden Globe Dresses.

1/11/2009 09:00:00 PM
Ok, my quick thoughts regarding the Golden Globe fashions. Note: I'm sure they're all upstanding lovely people. I am solely judging their outfits. For the most part.

Yay Tina Fay! Yay! Lookin' all grown up.

I am not ok with Drew Barrymore's look. Her hair made me sad. Her dress was elephant-gray. She knows better.
Cameron Diaz is wearing a prom dress. And has semi-terrible roots. Bad news.

Selma Hayek's dress was blech. Not a great color. (It too, was gray.) But she does get the award for the best up top.

Eva Mendez looked stunning in her Dior. LOVED it. I think she's my favorite.

Christina Applegate looked positively lovely in yellow. I quite like her. She looked like, "Belle."

I'm allergic to Miley Cyrus.

I'm not a huge Eva Longoria fan, but she looked pretty great. That's all I can say about that.

I adore Kate Winslet. Class-ay, lad-ay. Yay for her two wins.

Brangelina. Well, I guess they look ok. As my dear sweet husband said, "I don't think Brad Pitt is aging well." Well said, husband. Well said.

January Jones (Betty Draper from Madmen) looked perfectly vintage. Fun style. Great blue.

I like Jenna Fischer (who doesn't? Or for you Mickey D., "Who don't?), but I strongly feel she wasn't dressed up enough. Cute dress, though.

Kate Beckinsdale looked lovely. Without personality, but lovely. Blah.

Beyonce's dress (I'm assuming from the House of Dereon) was too small. It's screaming, "She's hurting me!"

J-Lo looks mad. For obvious reasons: the mole to the left.

Oh, Renee Zellweger. Ugh. Prom hair? Check. Chiffon? Check. Open shoulders from the 80's? Check. Tacky? Check.
For best dressed I'm going with Eva Longoria (I choke as I write that). That dress fit her like a glove and I like how it was cute in front. And I also vote for Eva Mendez who looked gorgeous and fun. They're my favorites.



  1. Loved your comments and agreed with all. Drew's hair was disaster.

  2. I couldn't get over Drew's hair. It was so awful! I do agree with C. that Brad is aging ... well, sort of weird. And Angelina? Ick. I've never liked her.

  3. Well, if the prego hormones are bringing on a higher level of moodiness... I also think they might bring out a higher level of hilariousness in you. I enjoyed the comments tremendously. Esp J-Lo's "mole". hahahaha.

    My fav here: Eva Mendes. Awesome.

  4. Your Drew, J. Lo and Renee comments cracked me up!!!

    I always go with Kate Winslet....she is so adorable, I just love her and thinks she always look fantastic! I also liked christina's yellow dress! Not a big fan of yellow, but this was such a beautiful dress!!

  5. I didn't hate Drew's dress. I thought it was really pretty. Although perhaps it didn't translate well in this photo. But her hair was an awful disaster.

    I kinda feel the same about Renee Zellweger. I thought the dress was kind of cool and different. But the hair was painfully tragic.

    I vote for Eva Mendes too. Not my favorite person, but I thought the dress was great.

    Did you happen to notice Cameron Diaz is wearing two different shoes? Normally one of my faves, she looked sloppy.

  6. I thought Kate Winslet,Christina Applegate, Jennifer Morrison, Evan Rachel Wood, and Eva Longoria Parker looked stunning last night. I agreed with most of your likes/dislikes, with the exception of Eva Mendes. Did not like it. Not one bit.

  7. P.S. Could Rumer Willis look any worse? I do not know what any of think, but I think she is nasty!

  8. Anon - I agree. Rumer Willis did NOT look good.

  9. Your comments were way better than on :)

    Mickey D- I think Cameron Diaz's shoes just look different. When I enlarged the pic, they look to be the same. Yep, I have too much time on my hands!

  10. I loved Kate and January also! I have seen Kate in person and she is just as gorgeous and very gracious as well! January looked so vintage!
    I have to be the outcast here and say that I thought Drew looked great. Her dress was the popular color for the evening, oyster. It's the new black I guess. Her hair reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. I love Drew. Cameron on the other hand...wasn't this the prom dress from Something About Mary??


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