"Get your head out of your bun."

I would like to commit in writing that I am truly thankful that Burger King has retired the creepy, "Burger King King" from their commercials.


I would also like to thank them for the Whopper Family commericials.

"Get your head out of your bun," and, "I wish I'd never been broiled!", makes me laugh each time I hear it. (Clearly it doesn't take much.)


  1. I didn't realize the King was gone! I'm so happy! I had nightmares of him. And of the Big Boy. Creepy.

  2. I too laugh every single time at the "I wish I'd never been broiled" commercial.

    Ask Mike. He always says, "You laugh at that every single time."

    It's clever and ridiculous all the same time. What's not funny about that?

  3. dude, I LOVE the king, and especially the king and his family. Wasn't it always weird that the king was married to a real woman and their daughter was a person, but their son was a mini-king?

    I'm sorry you hate them, but I will miss them forever. I always want to creep around behind people wearing tights and carrying a whopper.

  4. I hated that creepy guy--be gone!

    Oh--hey, In Mexico, do they have the "Burger Shots" from BK yet? Think White castle sliders without the vomiting.

    They are new here--you get like a 6 pack of them--they are trying it with breakfast sammies too.

  5. The creepy BK King always terrified me, so I'm glad he's gone. Now if they can just get rid of the "Berries and Cream, Berries and Cream, I'm a little lad that likes Berries and Creeeeam" Starburst guy, my nightmares will stop.

  6. The "I wish I'd never been broiled" line is one of the best commercial lines ever!

    (Terry wanted to go as the BK King this last halloween but couldn't find a mask in time. Thank Goodness.)

  7. My love for silly commercials knows no bounds. I'm glad the King is gone. Might I also add that I miss the "Big Buckin' Chicken"?


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