Ferg Friday

1/16/2009 07:00:00 AM
As you know, Senorita Fergie Lupita loves to go to work with me.
We have a routine. I tell her to, "Hop up!" and sit on the chair. I attach her leash. She waits until I say, "Let's go." Then off we go to what she considers the happiest place on earth and what I do not.

She looked particularly cute on this day, don't you agree?

Happy Ferg Friday.


  1. Oh my, how do you think she will feel when Ferg Friday becomes Baby Friday? I predict she'll be loving and protective just like L's Poodle Beau was with A. He would lay outside her door during naptime and alert everyone when he heard a whimper. It'll be fun to hear how Fergie responds to it all. BTW, Fergie used to be my nickname.

  2. I like the animal print pillows as a backdrop for the Ferg.

  3. Nancypants - it'll always be Ferg Friday. Unless of course we name the child an, "F" name - which at this point is doubtful. :-)

    I LOVE how awesome Beau was with A. I hope that Ferg's the same way.

  4. I love that you can take The Ferg to work. I've got to work on my boss about that--there are just the 3 of us and I have a Mal-shi--he's tiny and cute.

    I want to take "Dog at work" pics too!!!


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