Cake, glorious cake.

1/13/2009 04:54:00 PM
As far as I'm concerned there's only one kind of true cake out there. It's boxed yellow cake with chocolate frosting. (I actually just heard someone say, "Amen.")

There are other cakes that are palette-worthy, however yellow cake with chocolate frosting screams, "This-was-your-childhood!" and it makes me happy. What? We shouldn't find comfort in food? What? Then why eat?

That said, I made one of these treasures on Sunday. I ate a huge piece of it.
On Monday, I had a huge piece for my lunch dessert.
Later that night, I had a huge piece for my dinner dessert.
I woke up today, Tuesday morning, and told C. he had to get rid of it.
It must go away.

I warned him that before I returned home for lunch today, that cake must be gone. As should all remnants of said cake: baking pan, pan lid, etc.

Friends, countrymen - I have no control.

However, I feel I reached a turning point. I told C. I needed for it to be gone. In my opinion, that is an example of showing restraint and knowing my limits. I recognized when to say, "when."

And, he threw it away and washed the pan.

In closing I'd like to say, I love yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

(Note: I'd love to blame this on the fruit, but again - I was like this prior to it residing in my lower abdomen. Cake has a hold over me.)


  1. I was just saying this! My mom always made me boxed yellow cake mix with choc frosting. No other cake (however high end it is) tastes as good to me as that.

  2. Amazing! It really is the perfect cake. I like white, but it's no yellow. Chocolate on chocolate is too much and white on yellow is too much. Chocolate with white frosting misses the mark.

    You are right. Yellow with chocolate frosting is perfection.

  3. mini yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting- bite size perfection. there is nothing better

  4. I ate and entire yellow cake while pregnant with Athena. Congrats on the self control. Maybe that's why I put on 65lbs...

  5. you are right, there is something magical about yellow cake with chocolate frosting!!

    I also love that you made C get rid of the cake for you couldn't do such a thing yourself! awesome

  6. I do the same thing with any sort of treat I make or is given to us... mainly because Paul doesn't eat sweets. I KNOW. My family thinks something is seriously wrong with him.

    Anyway, we managed to leave mom & dad's at Christmas with zero junk food, only to get a mass amount of cookies in the mail from Paul's grandma. I immediately made him toss them... after I ate like 8.

  7. I used to make yellow cake cupcakes and keep them in the freezer in a ziploc bag. I could take one out and pop it in the microwave and slap some canned chocolate frosting on the top. Mmmm.... Almost as good as Boston Cream Pie - another favorite.


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