'Twas Bella's 1st birthday yesterday...

1/18/2009 11:31:00 AM
My fav picture I had to photoshop. Below.
(Notice the, "Birthday Girl" tutu.)


  1. i knew that these would be adorable pics. i want to kiss that dimple!!

    simply adorable. all of it.

  2. What a little love muffin! Looks like it was a beautiful day.

  3. Bella doesn't know how great she has it yet. A first bday WITH the beach in the background. Amidst a beauty of a cake and the cutest hat and tutu I've ever seen.

    Love it. Love it!

  4. WOW , what a party!! She looks so adorable in that tutu! Thanks for giving us all a glimpse at the beauty you see daily! (Bella and the View!!hehe)

  5. Oh Happy Birthday Bella!!! She is unbelievably adorable! Looks like such a great day!


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