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12/11/2008 08:00:00 AM
As inspired by Forever 21.
This, "Metallic Lamé Tube Dress" is available here for the low, low price of $19.80.
"I'm trying to decide between this one for Christmas or Easter? Which do you suppose is more appropriate?"
"The perfect Oscar dress."
"...and the best part? I can roll it up and wear it as a shirt!"

NOTEWORTHY accessories:
The, "High Shine leggings" in silver available here for $13.80.


  1. I don't really have a caption, but I would totally wear both of those pieces together. Just so I could be a certified a-hole.

    Why do they make those things available for purchase?

  2. Mickey D - I already have the dress. You don't have to buy it. I'll just loan it to you. :-)

    I would imagine I could just roll it up and through it in a letter-sized envelope.


  3. "I've got the Golden Ticket!"

    "Gold Lame...equal opportunity offender."

    "Gold Lame, because you don't feel fat enough."

    "Gold Lame: you too can dress like a hooker!"

    "What Blanche Devereaux would wear."

  4. Future purchases for your niece?

  5. FFace - Blanche? Too funny!

    Excuse me, is it 1985 or what? I saw some leggings like this the other day and got a little mad in the store. If I wore that thing, I would feel like a hershey's kiss - almond version. Gross.


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