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Today's Real Simple Daily Thought.

12/30/2008 09:49:00 AM
Camera phone shot of the inside of my bottomless pit of a purse*.

A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag.
— Billy Connelly

On that note, please tell me 5 random things you have in your purse. I shall tell you mine:

1. A baggie of pear/apples. (They're great and very juicy.)
2. Ill-organized cash stuffed in a side pocket.
3. A Christmas card from my Aunt.
4. Mint tea bags.
5. A mini-tin of Vick's Vapo-rub. (LOVE that stuff.)

What does that say about me? I enjoy fruit, I'm not organized, I'm sentimental, I'm a non-coffee drinker and I have breathing issues.

Go ahead. Tell me yours. We can all analyze you.

*Note: I've never felt cool enough to call my purse, a "bag" or a "handbag." Is it a midwest thing?


  1. FUN! I have a purse that also contains alot of extra, but I feel necessary, items!

    1. Mardi-Gras Beads (never know when you may need some)
    2. Nail polish and file
    3. Jergens Natural Glow Face lotion (that I do not use)
    4. Christmas Card from our friends with pictures of their daughter
    5. Travel size bottle of mouth wash

    I also say purse...I don't think I have ever said handbag unless it was to be funny.

  2. Handbag sounds old. I do, though, say bag sometimes.

    1. a pair of tweezers - isn't it random that it's a "pair" when there's really only scissors?
    2. 6 AA batteries
    3. 4 hair ties - just in case me and all my friends want ponytails. At the same time.
    4. a Christmas Card from a student...awe :)
    5. a jar of Ry's hair goo...ick.

  3. W.K. (Thanks for playing along.)
    This clearly means that you're:
    1. ready for a good time, whether it be topless or not.
    2. That you're aware of your personal hygiene.
    3. That you like to try new products and therefore have an open perspective.
    4. That you're sentimental.
    5. And, that you value the benefits of good dental hygiene.

    You're a friend I like having. ;-)

  4. Sarah (thank YOU for playing along.)

    1. You value Macgyver and like to be prepared for any situation.
    2. Lol. You are prepared to give batteries to needy children whose parents forgot to buy them for Christmas toys.
    3. Again, you're prepared and think ahead. (And you care about your friends.)
    4. You're sentimental.
    5. You are caregiver who likes to make sure all is well.

    I feel you are a lovely, genuine, kind person. I'm glad I know you.

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  6. purse is a bit boring:

    1. iPod w/ 2 pairs of earbuds
    2. numerous tubes of lip gloss, chapstick, lipstick
    3. antibacterial wipes
    4. pacifier
    5. kleenex

  7. 1. more than 4 kinds of lip gloss

    2. miniature compass from my dad

    3. video camera & regular camera

    4. 9mm gun shells (already used)

    5. compact with mirror that broke when i was drunk

    that actually makes me sound pretty weird. but, my bag is gigantic and there are LOTS more things in there as well.

  8. my purse is little and crowded and full of boring purse necessities.
    1). checkbook
    2). wallet
    3). many kinds of lip paraphernalia
    4). compact mirror that i NEVER use
    5). no pen to be found! always looking for a pen...


  9. Ooh. Fun. I'll play.
    1. Diapers & wipes (yes, in my PURSE)
    2. Kids' 12oz cup (yep, its a BIG purse)
    3. PB crackers and some crumbled up crackers as well.
    4. Movie ticket
    5. 2 Lipsticks, 2 Lipglosses, eye drops

    What it says about me? I'm a mom. :)

  10. I don't like a ton of stuff crowding my purse so here is a list of the (boring) stuff in it:

    - wallet
    - maxi pads (you never know WHEN you'll need one)
    - a couple of pens
    - small pack of Kleenex
    - a couple of lip gloss/chapstick things
    - seaband bracelets

    I call it a purse or a bag - I also don't think I've ever called it a handbag.

    I think this list shouts PRACTICAL and BORING. :)

  11. 1. Bic Pen - always looking for a pen
    2. A new mini 2009 Calendar to keep appointments in
    3. A mini notebook to document any ideas that I may happen upon when out and about (good thing I have the bic)
    4. 3 Silk & Shine chapsticks (love me some chapstick)
    5. My iPod...

    I am clearly far too organized for my own good. I think I need to spice up my life... or throw some fun stuff in my purse... one or the other. :)


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