This is the true story...of seven strangers...picked to live in a house...

12/07/2008 09:24:00 AM
As it turns out the 21st season of MTV's the Real World will be airing in 2009 where it all began: Brooklyn.

Insane. Time flies, no? TWENTY-ONE seasons.

The show started in 1992. Tell me that you remember that first season? We didn't have cable so I crept over to my friend's house to watch it. My friend had 2 older sisters, lived 2 houses away and had cable. If I recall correctly, I think I went over there to watch it even when she wasn't home.

It was a GROUND-BREAKING show in the beginning. I had never seen young adults enter into such philosophical discussions about politics, God and racism. I was amazed to see and hear the different accents, the various life goals that were put on display and just the different people. (I suppose today this is called, "diversity.")

Anywho - do you remember the first cast?

Andre the rock star.
Eric the always topless model.
Heather the rapper.
Julie the Southern ballet dancer.
Kevin the articulate realist.
Norm the token gay guy.
And Becky - the one everyone always forgot about.

(I seriously just listed them all from memory.)

This show was amazing. It wasn't tasteless and all about sex and despicable like it is today. Instead, it truly attempted to give us an accurate window into the world/culture/thoughts of these young adults. It was never duplicated, if you ask me.

Cheers to the 1992 season of the Real World. (Photos here.)


  1. I LOVED this first season!!! I can't believe you remember all their names though.

    Nowadays the Real World is so awful. Like how many people can we sleep with... and people find that so interesting????

  2. I loved Season 1 and had a huge, jr. high crush on Andre! I agree that it has never been duplicated. Seasons 2 and 3 tried but after that it turned so awful and smutty. I wonder if the newer seasons correctly reflect today's youth? Were young adults more aware of social issues back in 92? Or is MTV just trying to find the lamest, alcoholic, college-aged people with loose morals for ratings? Or did I just grow too old?

  3. ok, first mad props for remembering their names!! I agree, the first season was amazing. It wasn't just a drunken orgy but a place for people to express who they are and their differences. Loved it. It is just a joke now and what is even more horrible is how kids watch it now and I am sure enjoy it.


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