Thank you, Mr. Porticulus.

12/28/2008 06:24:00 PM
The soft pretzel was the first type of pretzel invented. An Italian monk in 610 AD formed shapes out of leftover bread dough during Lent and baked the shapes. He had twisted the dough to represent hands folded in prayer. These bread treats were called pretiola, Latin for "small reward."

And THERE you go.


  1. awesome! yet one more reason why I love pretzels (esp the soft ones!)

  2. Seriously one of the best movies ever!

    Now just spray a little windex on the pretzel for shine--perfect!

  3. That's too funny. There's always more room for mindless trivia, even the kind from Mr. Porticulus.

    Another great line from the movie: "Inside the lump, they found teeth and a spinal column..." Oh, it just makes me laugh to think about it!


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