12/05/2008 03:39:00 PM
Read this.


  1. All I did was read the title of the article and put my hand over my eyes and muttered "oh my gosh".

    In what moronic brain does this seem to be a remotely good idea?

  2. Yep, all I read was the title, my mouth flew open and remained agape for the whole article.

  3. Why would you do that? My mom is a teacher and they are not really supposed to HUG the kids because it might be construed as inappropriate behavior. HUG.


  4. This is horrible.

    The best, and by best I mean worst, quote is: "We encourage our teachers to deliver the curriculum in a variety of ways, to go beyond just reading the textbook," the superintendent said. "We don't want to discourage creativity. But this obviously went wrong because the student was upset."

    Oh, the ONLY reason this was wrong is because the student was upset....yeah right. horrible


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