I adore Martha Stewart.

12/03/2008 03:56:00 PM
I do.
There's just something about her that I enjoy.
It it the warmth she exudes? (I laugh while I type that.)
Um. No.
It is the air of superiority that wafts from her cashmere sweatered and starched button-up shirt-covered body?
Um. Also no.

I like her show because I like "her*" ideas.
*I understand that most ideas are not her own, however I do understand that The Martha rules with an iron fist and hand-approves all "good things" that are published and shared with us common folk.

She cracks me up. She's so clearly uncomfortable making small talk with her guests. It's painfully enjoyable for me. You KNOW she'd rather a.) talk about herself or her many homes, favorite squashes or her paint collection at K-Mart and ignore the guests or b.) make her crafts and cook in silence in front of a studio audience as they stare on with awe.

While there are truly many reasons why I love her, one of my favorite things is how she over enuciates every single word. (You ain't lived until during a craft-how-to you hear Martha Stewart say, "And next you need to cut just a single pany ho to use as..." Yes, "panty ho." And I love how she chooses to pronounce words however she wishes. As if the phonetic explanations in Webster's dictionary are for the little people. Not her.

My favorite today: The city of Milan in Italy. Ok, I would call, it "Mill-ahn". Of course, The Martha called it, "Mill-ANN".

Martha, you keep on doing whatever you want. I'll watch your show. And read your website. And your blog.


  1. HAHA!

    Though I am not a fan I am glad she brings so much happiness to you!

  2. I was thinking about you when I watched the other day. She hosted someone on the show and he was making sticky buns. He was rolling out the dough and it was not perfectly square and she kept asking if it should be perfectly square and he said that it didn't matter. You could totally tell it was bugging her. lol


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