Good de-clutter idea.

12/09/2008 08:00:00 AM
To effectively clean out your closet...
  • Turn all of your hangers so that they're hanging in your closet backwards.
  • Each time you grab something off a hanger to wear and return it - change the hanger so that it's facing the right way.
  • In a month or so, re-evaluate all of those items that are still hanging on the backwards hangers... Do you really need them, or is it Salvation Army time?
(Note: This is from an Oprah I saw a while ago -- but I thought it was a fantastic idea.)


  1. Yes -- but have you tried it?

  2. well that would end up being 1/2 my closet if i did that...i tend to keep things, hoping that i might someday fit into said items again. haha. it's a good idea, but i don't see it working too well for me. :)

  3. That's an interesting idea. I could probably tell you which ones I never wear!!

  4. that would be a great idea if I actually hung my clothes up in my closet on a regular basis. I tend to just leave clothes in baskets at the foot of my bed for two weeks until I need them. So really 90% of the clothes in my closet could go :(

  5. Glenn - I've tried it literally with a SECTION of my clothing.

    What works BEST for me is putting all of the clothes I don't wear/need in a bag and leaving it sit for a month. If I don't attempt to fish anything out of the bag during that time, I know I don't need it.


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