For my cold-weather friends.

12/07/2008 09:35:00 PM
Today was a beach day and it was perfection. It was us. No one else around.
Photos by C.

(The two photos below by me.)


  1. Oh, that is just beautiful. Thank you for the pictures of paradise while I'm stuck in the North Pole. :)

    I loved that Ferg had sand all over her mouth!

  2. that FERG!! i miss Cabo. and you. and C and Ferg. and sushi. and mojitos.

  3. Yes, the Ferginator eats sand. Then chokes and sneezes, then eats more.

    She loves it.

  4. Ky- I have a son who does the same thing with sand. And he loves dogs. He and the Ferg would get along quite well, I'd imagine.

    T.L. - I also feel as though I'm missing the sushi and mojitos and I wasn't even there to enjoy them the first time. :)

  5. Aw, that looks like such a beautiful day....GREAT pics!


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