PSA: Two thoughts regarding, "tanning."

11/28/2008 10:20:00 AM

#1. Upon initially moving to the tip of the Baja Peninsula in July 2006 I was enamored with the sun. I literally laid in the sun every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and developed lovely "freckles*" on both my face and my chest. (Awesome.)

*Let's call those "freckles" what they truly are: age spots.

May it be duly noted that my fascination with the sun turned into a complete shunning of the sun after the appearance of said age spots. So much so that upon returning to Toledo family members would repeatedly comment, "You're really pale." (Ah. Thanks. Good to see you.)

So the age spot on my upper-lip was the catalyst for my u-turn and shunning of the sun. Seriously, if it wasn't in the 100's down here, I probably would have donned a burka for sun protection.

To this day, when I see overly tan people visiting Cabo I think it's so very unattractive. It's as if they're wearing the evidence of the carelessness and lack of foresight for the future (age spots! cancer!) on their cuerpos (bodies.) I just think it's gross. Moderation, kids.

#2. Speaking of moderation, I ran across this article which suggests that Americans who get less than 20 minutes of direct sun exposure during the day can suffer through winters when sun is less available. Remember the sun is required for absorption of the ever-important Vitamin D. ("A-ha!") No sun = no Vitamin D = depression, susceptibility to ailments, you name it.

Check out this quote, "...the sun provides the purest form [of Vitamin D] and [the council in the article] recommends 10 to 15 minutes in the midday sun with no sunscreen. (SPF blocks the UBV rays from creating vitamin D.)"

Word is that sun you get in the summer will carry you through the winter.

What though?! No sunscreen? Friends, countrymen - I can't do that in good conscience. I shan't go outside without my OSU baseball hat on to shield my face from the villainous sun. But, I may consider soaking up the rays for at least 15 minutes a day - if I can better protect myself from osteoporosis.

I'm a lady. Bone-health and prevention of heart disease, various forms of cancer, kidney disease, diabetes and a host of autoimmune conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis to arthritis is uber-important to me.

So, midwest friends - think pro-actively. Get SOME sun in the summer so that you can be ready to roll in the winter.

If you find you're lacking in preparation and didn't get enough summer sun, come visit. We can hook you up with 350 or so days of sunshine per year. Come on down!


  1. So, you know me and Mary Kay.....
    I noticed they have a product called "Timewise Even Complexion Essence" that is supposed to "take away" sun spots/age spots. And even your skin tone. In this book I have, it states that 84% of participants in a 12 week study experienced more even skin tone.

    Since I've seen results with every other product of theirs that I've used, I think if I were you, I'd try it!!!!

  2. In college I use to actually tan in the winter months to help me feel better. I would only go for about 12 minutes...just enough to feel better and have a little glow, but not so much that I looked weird with my tan. I stopped tanning a few years ago, but do miss it in the always felt so warm and nice to have the sun on you. I totally believe that helps your mental state!

    On the weekends I always open the doors to let the sun in (if there is sun) so the cats can get their D. They love the vitamin D!

  3. Ky, I remember when your sister pointed out your upper lip "freckle." We had a long discussion about it. i'm chuckling just thinking back to it! i think een and i soaked up enough rays for all of us that week. i'm proud to say i'm no longer obsessed with being tan. i think (and hope) i have out grown that phase. what makes me laugh even more is that your "freckle" was the tiniest thing i've ever seen!!!! -sal


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