MexMo: Alternate reality.

11/30/2008 06:57:00 PM
So today I festooned our home with Christmas (not "Holiday") decor. (Witness our adorable mini tree below.)

And I planted petunias.
This weather never ceases to confuse my sensibilities.


  1. Weird.

    Is it weird to wake up on Christmas morning and put shorts on??

    (Spoken as a true Ohioan, of course.)

  2. I love your little tree. And your petunias. Merry Christmas! (Jesus is the reason for the season, homies.)

  3. love the petunias, love the tree, love the new colors on the blog and LOVE the new header thing. love it all. miss you, hug to you.

  4. I LOVE THE TREE! I wish I knew how to make my background as lovely as yours. I love the addition to the pretzel image. :) Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

  5. You are quite the dichotomy. PS Like the new CHRISTMAS blog header.

  6. Oh, that IS a bit weird. Love the tree, too cute!


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