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9/13/2012 03:07:00 PM
work-in-progress (updated 9.13.12)

NOTE: I am not compensated for ANY of these recommendations, though I'd like to be...

makeup/skincare products I couldn't live without.
  • laura mercier secret camouflage - This covers up under-eye circles. See here.
  • laura mercier tinted moisturizer - I use this everyday. It's light. It matches my skin. There's an SPF. See here
  • Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum - Brown spots be GONE! See here
  • nars blush - orgasm - best LASTING cheeck color EVER. See here.
  • neutrogena ultra sheer liquid sunblock SPF 70 - I use this everyday under my tinted moisturizer. You can never have too much SPF. See here.
  • Sally Hansen "Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish" - This polish, dare I say, is just as shiny as and perhaps more long-lasting than OPI. See here.

baby products I couldn't live without. (Note: this was populated during 2009 and 2011 when I had babies in my care. Now they're toddlers. Some items MIGHT be dated.)
  • baby gate - retractable! See here.
  • baby legs - a MUST for crawling babies. See here.
  • bath toy - Yokidoo Flow 'n spout. Find it cheaper somewhere else. See here.
  • bibs - baby bjorn. They catch everything. See here
  • booster seat - use this for toddler! See here.
  • breast pump - medela pump in style. See here. Or, if I could do it all over again I'd buy this Hygeia closed system. See here.
  • born free bottles - love. See here.
  • bottle brush - best ever. See here.
  • changing pad - patemm pad. Perfect for everywhere. See here.
  • crib - jenny lind. Love it. Use it without the ugly wheels. See here. Get the toddler bed converstion kit. See here.
  • double strollers - Bob Revolution Dualie. See here. Maclaren Twin Triump. See here.
  • ergo baby carrier - best on the market. Hands down. See here. Get these, too. See here.
  • infant seat - Chicco Keyfit 30. Love it. See here.
  • itzbeen timer - can't live without in the first several months. See here.
  • jumperoo - Precious Planet Rainforest Jumperoo. See here.
  • lilypadz - don't waste your time on traditional nursing pads. See here.
  • mattress pads - Sealy brand. Work great. See here.
  • miracle blankets - See here
  • mustela baby products - they smell fabulously. See hereI switched! I only use California Baby! Vegan, organic, GOOD for my baby.
  • pacifiers - Soothies. See here. I also love MAM. See here.
  • portable placemat - Love this. See here.
  • signing videos - the Signing Times. See here.
  • single stroller - Bob Revolution. See here.
  • snack containers - don't waste your time with others. Munchkin. See here.
  • spout cover - see here.
  • sophie the Giraffe - love this thing. See here.
  • sound machine - it's a must. Easy to travel with, too. See here.
  • stuffed animal (lila's fave) - Petal, by Bunnies on the Bay. See here.
  • swing - fisher price papasan swing. See here.
  • ultimate crib sheet - this snaps on over the baby's crib sheet. Perfect for sick times and potty-training. See here.
  • video monitor - summer infant. have two. Love. See here.
toddler products I love.
  • ipad case - Incredible. Durable. Buy it. See my review here.
  • mudpie kitchen - perfect for outside. See here.
  • potty chair - love this one. See here.
  • sand table - step 2. Perfect height. Has a lid! See here.
  • swim arm floaties - They're fabric covered. See here.
  • toilet trainer - Baby Bjorn. See here.
  • travel potty - this is amazing. See here. Changed our lives. Make sure you get these - see here.
  • water table - step 2. See here.
  • Daddy Hugs. A family favorite. See here.
  • Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Sleep Lady's Gentle Guide to Helping Your Child go to Sleep, Stay asleep and wake up Happy by Kim West, LCSW-C with Joanne Kenen - BEST sleep book ever. Non militant. See here.
  • Goodnight Moon. A classic. See here.
  • Night, Night, Little Pookie. Lila requests this on a nightly basis. See here
  • Happy Birthday, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton. See here.
  • Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. See here.
  • On the Night You were Born by Nancy Tillman. See here.
  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League. Miltant at times, but useful info. See here.
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