Two Pretzels: ...SCHOOL is FINALLY (for the love) out.for.summer.

July 8, 2015

...SCHOOL is FINALLY (for the love) out.for.summer.

FINALLY school is over with.

You guys. Vacation commences tomorrow. It includes Dallas, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin and we are all beyond excited. (People who live in Cabo year-round fly to the midwest for summer. And they love it. :)

But seriously,'ve grown.

Where or where have my babies gone?



  1. Gah!!!! LOVE THEM... Enjoy the adventure and the journey. The midwest is the best for SUMMER! xoxox

  2. How does 1 year= so much change. Your beautiful girls became beautiful young ladies. SO happy you are done and so happy that you are headed to the Midwest! Yay! Congrats on another year under your belt Lila and Vivi!

  3. They have changed SO MUCH!! Especially Lila, wow.


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