Two Pretzels: Coconut oil and you hair. Well, my hair.

March 22, 2015

Coconut oil and you hair. Well, my hair.

Coconuts squirreled away at the 'old house after Hurricane Odile in September. Coconut water is full of electrolytes.
So, coconut oil.

We've all seen many-an-article touting the incredibleness of coconut oil. It's healing! It's a moisturizer! It's safe for dogs! IT WILL CURE ALL THAT AILS YOU!

(Read this: "Is Coconut Oil Really All It's Cracked up to Be?").

I recently had my hair colored and I noticed that my ends were a bit... dry. (I did some balayage. Well, I didn't. She did. I love it, but it's drying.)

In full disclosure, I only wash my hair once a week, (yes.). So obviously I'm not over-drying my hair with product.

With encouragement from my hair stylist cousin, I gave coconut oil as a hair treatment a try.

Here's what I do:

I SLATHER my ends with oil from the end up; being careful not to a.) get it on my clothes and b.) on my scalp. I only do the ends, not the roots. (Who wants oily hair? Not this lady.) (Wear a shirt you don't love.)

I massage the oil in well, twisting my hair around and finally wrapping it in a loose bun at the nape of my neck.

I let it sit... for a couple (or several) hours. (Sundays are exciting at our house.)

I wash and condition as usual.

The difference in my ends is definitely noticeable. After a couple of weeks, dare I say I had a "shiny-happy-hair" day - as opposed to a "frizzy-that-girl-needs-some-help" day.

Office selfie. Like that printer in the background? SEXY.

So, give it a whirl.

Seriously. It smells like vacation.


Incidentally, there is no better cleaner for my stainless steel fridge than coconut oil. Seriously. (I rub it on with a cotton rag and buff it off. NO STREAKING.)

How cute is this little coconut-toting lady. (September 2014.)

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  1. I use it my ends too! I actually sleep overnight with it on. I really does work miracles on dry ends.


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