Two Pretzels: Jimmy Fallon. Our Village. Sparklepaint.

December 9, 2014

Jimmy Fallon. Our Village. Sparklepaint.

I'm home. It was beyond nice to see my sister. More on that trip later.

1. Is it weird that I am so happy for Jimmy Fallon? I'm so happy that he and his wife added a second baby girl to their family. I love Jimmy Fallon. And I think Frannie (Frances) Fallon is a great name for a baby. As is Winnie Fallon. And my sister let me know that his dog is Gary Fallon.

What a great bunch of Fallons.

Photos by Jimmy Fallon.
2. Our Christmas Village is up. We add one piece a year and it

3. I love Christmas trees.

4. Tragedy struck our home yesterday.

Sparklepaint the elf fell off of the Christmas tree. Apparently Craig didn't secure her as well as necessary.

I wish you could have seen the girls.

They were AGHAST.

Lila was so concerned:

"Did she lose her magic?!"

"I thought you told us she could fly?!"

"Is she ok?"

Vivienne's eyes were bulging with concern and she couldn't even speak; she had her hand up to her mouth in shock.

We had to pick Sparklepaint up with kitchen tongs; lest she lose her magic when we touch her.

I had to tell them that she was just "testing them" and that she meant to fall.

Close call.

Sparklepaint took a bit of a nose dive from atop the Christmas Arbol and therefore face-planted into the ground.
I found this to be far more entertaining than I should have.



  1. Oh this made me laugh so hard! Poor Sparklepaint!

  2. I'm pretty impressed that Sparklepaint has her own blog label. Just sayin'... :)


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