Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby book? I'll show you her baby book. You're reading it.

I've fallen into the trap.
My first child has a pregnancy journal, a complete baby book (with collages) and it's incredible.

My second child's baby book leaves off at 4 months.

But, look what I did do:

I finished up her first year-photo frame that was stalled on six months.

Just in time for her second birthday.

[pat me on the back, please]

I start to feel guilty about my lack of baby-booking, but then I realize they have this. A blog. You're welcome.



  1. You're doing far better than I. Giving you a hand from here. . .

    The blog is their baby book. :)

    1. Right? I love blogging. Absolutely fantastic.

  2. Same here- you're doing better than I am. I don't think I even made it to 4 months on my 2nd baby's!

    1. Jill - we shouldn't have set the bar so high with our firsts. :)


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