Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That's it. I will not participate in New Year's Eve this year.

Sweet Dick Clark is no longer here.

Bless his heart.

Article here.



  1. Dick Clark was the only reason I celebrated New Year's Eve. I'm with you on the boycott.

    So sad. What a sweet man he was. I miss him already.

    1. I was talking with Craig last night and we were talking about Mr. Clark and he said, "You know, the first person I thought about after you told me this news was Michelle."


      We know you love him.

  2. I'm never participating in the Times Square thing again. I can't. I'm freaking out. WHAT DO I DO???? Oh yeah, I'm asleep by then anyway, but STILL!!!! RYAN SEACREST IS NO REPLACEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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