You're right, Chuck.

11/13/2008 01:30:00 PM
On my calendar today...
"There is always something for which to be thankful."
- Charles Dickens

I agree.

I am thankful for the sunshine.
For mashed potatoes.
For my husband.
That The Office is on tonight.
For the dog sleeping on my desk right now.
For the future.



  1. I was just praying (praising) last night about the things I'm thankful for and I thought, "Oh geez. I could go on for hours...."

    Just a few:
    My family - immediate and extended
    My house
    My church
    and just about everything in the midst of all those three!!!

  2. I make sure God knows every night how thankful I am that he gave me Athena.

    I'm also thankful that I married a friend.
    I'm thankful for my family.
    I'm thankful for my health and for Athena's health.
    I'm thankful for a secret that I'm keeping for someone.
    I'm thankful for Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan being on the same show.

  3. I like that you called Charles Dickens "Chuck."

    I'm thankful for YOU.

  4. It shocks me that you didn't include cheese in your list.

  5. Today specifically I am thankful for:

    - My WONDERFUL Husband, Family, & Friends
    - Getting to live with my sister so that we can decorate a cake together at 10:30pm and that I got to dress her up in an 80's outfit for 80's night!
    - Christmas Music
    - Hot Chocolate w/ mini marshmallows
    - That it is Friday!

  6. Oh Linds! You're right! CHEESE!

    And WK - I am SO jealous of your hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.


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