Why I love my job.

11/21/2008 02:48:00 PM
I love my job because of this little fur-ball who sits in a chair across from me and smiles at me pretty much all day long.
Everyone needs a Ferg.


  1. My job would be so much more enjoyable if I could have my bunnies hopping around the office all day.

    Sadly, Ron poops everywhere and Padfoot likes to eat cords. Plus...my company is clearly not as cool as yours and would never let us have animals in the office.

  2. OH, I would love a Ferg in our office! Every once in awhile we get a special visit from the adorable Ms. Nora. Dogs at work make me happy.

  3. I work from home and I get to have my darling Daisy with me all day long! Daisy is a VERY hyper Jack Russell Terrior = LOTS of barking. pretty much have let her outside everytime I want to make a call.

  4. Ferg looks ultra business-like in this photo. you should put her to work!


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