Who am I to judge?

11/19/2008 08:00:00 AM
I've written about the Duggars before... However, this past weekend I was watching 17 Kids and Counting on TLC and I have to admit, the Duggars don't bother me at all. In fact, I like them.

I find Michelle Duggar (the Mom) lovely and I still find Jim Bob's name unfortunate.

Their kids appear to be normal. They're happy, well taken care of, are clever and witty, know how to be savers and entrepreneurs, value family and God and their parents and clearly do everything they can to keep their carbon footprints as small as possible. I mean, they went to the Salvation Army on the last episode and bought 30 pairs of used shoes for $30. Good for them.

I know people think they're weird...and different...and too religious...and probably don't spend enough time with each child, but I think they're fine. I would hasten to say that most children of single-parents don't get that much family quality time as those Duggars do. (Don't flame me. I was raised by a single mom.)

Their family just seems to work. I'm impressed.

(Right now they're expecting baby #18. Michelle Duggar said that with EVERY pregnancy in the first trimester she has all-day "morning" sickness. Can you imagine? No.)


  1. can i imagine all day morning sickness? why yes i can. i had it with emma...horribly. at one point all i could eat was bagels and suckers. that's it.

    18 kids? nice family or not, they are crazy. :)

  2. so, if i have done the math correctly, she has spent roughly 540 days of her life dealing with morning sickness!? listen, any woman who takes that kind of insanity on is fine by me.

  3. I had a hard time dealing with all day sickness for like 12 weeks and taking care of a toddler. It was not fun. So I'm thinking add another 16 onto that equation of sickness + mothering = UTTER NIGHTMARE.

    She's a special person, is all I gotta say. I'd love to have 3 or 4.... but the thought of more pregnancy and newborn makes me hesitate. Wow. Just Wow.

  4. i cant STAND this show!!! The kids are fine, i think the parents are weird... though i can't put my finger on why...

    but i LOVE John and Kate plus 8!

  5. I had morning sickness too. And afternoon sickness. And night sickness. Not fun, but worth it in the end!

    Wanted to pass along a great book I found....The Miracle of Me. It’s written from the unborn baby’s perspective about how the baby grows and develops. Great child-friendly tool for parents to explain fetal development. Uses in-utero photography and rulers/scales so you can "see" the baby’s progress. I got it to read to my daughter but have a soft spot for it myslf. A must have, for sure.

  6. I'm the Duggars book publicist and would like to send you a copy of their new book THE DUGGARS: 20 AND COUNTING! for you to review on your blog. If you are interested, please email me your address: melissa.teutsch@simonandschuster.com.


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