11/14/2008 09:38:00 AM
Will Barry choose Hilary to be secretary of state? Does this mean that if she accepts, she won't run for President again?

This is all so very exciting.

Article here.

UPDATE: Also, from here forward I will refer to president-elect Barack Obama as, "Barry." Think about it. There are a LOT of cool Barry's out there:

Barry White
Barry Williams (Greg on The Brady Bunch)
THE Barry Manilow


  1. i don't think he will. and i don't know that she wants it -- she's said that she just wants to be a senator (no more running for prez either, she's said). we'll see. i think he might pick Bill Richardson from New Mexico - would be the 1st Latino Sec of State. should be interesting.

  2. Barry Bonds and Barry Bostwick I think are worth mentioning.


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