Go bucks!

11/21/2008 08:01:00 AM

It's the big game tomorrow!
I kinda sorta hope they pound the team up north.
It's just how I feel.
Dear Ohio/Michaigan readers:
Do you remember that fateful Friday during your school years when you were allowed to dress in either Scarlet and Grey or wussy gold or wussy blue in order to establish WHO you were?
How fantastic that our schools supported building walls between classmates. :-)
Seriously, though. That was a fun day.


  1. Well--I went to NDA--so they let us get real original with wearing of "the color" with our SOCKS!! Please! IT was no different than choosing if you were a "Frannie or a Johnnie" during football season--you had to do it with SOCKS!

    Uniforms-blech--I hated it.

  2. We were allowed today at work to dress down and support our favorite team....I went with BGSU. But I am thankful for this game because I got to dress down and we brought fun snacks to work!!

  3. The division doesn't end after school. Last year everyone at work was allowed to dress in their favorite team wear if they brought a canned good in. One person collected canned goods from Michigan fans and another collected Ohio State fans' cans and we had a little friendly competition.

    I'm just glad OSU won by a long shot this year!


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