11/17/2008 02:00:00 PM
Thus far I haven't bought one single Christmas gift this year.
I'm thinking I'm not going to buy any.
Liberating, no?
Where are you with your shopping this year?
Will the economy (or laziness and location, like in my situation) curtail your shopping?
Who's your favorite person to buy for?


  1. the 'rules' have changed for my family this xmas because (1) my parents are taking us on a big family trip in April and (2) we don't see the need to buy the grown ups gifts:

    we're only buying for the kids - which means i don't have to buy for my sister, bro in law, parents. and, my parents are only buying for the kids (my mom doesn't like this new 'rule')

    also: kevin and i are not buying for each other -- just for the girls

    i am very happy about's just too stressful to buy for my family (my parents have everything) and my not having to buy gifts might make this a much happier xmas.

    i love buying for my girls - buying toys like barbies, etc is so much fun!

  2. In the spirit of anti-materialism and taking back the holiday, Jesse and I (and a few of our crazy friends) decided to forgo this year's shopping frenzy and instead bake up about a million batches of tasty rosemary peach jam with all locally grown ingredients. We canned it and will bake about a million loaves of bread to match once we get closer to the holidays. Tis the Season of Sustainability!

  3. I have never commented before but this Christmas I guess I'm being a scrooge, but I have no interest in buying presents for the gift exchanges my family has. I am struggling with how to tell my family this. My husband lost his job at Camp Perry in October because he was suppose to become a Toledo Police but unfortunatly that fell through (cancelled the class) and I just feel that I don't have the $$ to waste on grown-ups who don't really appreciate the gifts I buy anyways. My mother-in-law JUST used the gift card to Shamas I bought her last year.

    Bah, Humbug!!

  4. I have always hated the materialism of Christmas. I'm almost happy that the economy is like it is ONLY for the fact that other family members will finally agree with me to curtail our shopping this year.

    I wonder how much of this economy downfall will be self-fulfilling. Everyone cutting back will make the economy worse????

  5. I'm an internet shopper for most people, but I LOVE toy shopping in person. Athena is HANDS DOWN the most fun to shop for. Louis and I are just going to get stuff that we want/need and call them Christmas gifts.

    I love love love looking for gifts for people.

  6. you know, i like Christmas shopping. i am about 1/2 way through, but i don't do a TON of it. i guess i see it as my one time per year to give a select group of people something they probably didn't expect.

  7. I have not done any shopping this year. I usually like to be done by Thanksgiving, but this year we are slacking. I don't even have anyidea what I want to do for people which is worse. All i know is that Terry and I are going to paint and get some new fixtures for our upstairs bathroom....and that is our gift to each other. I have a feeling I will be on Amazon this year looking for gifts.

  8. We've been curtailing the presents (read: toys and electronics) given in the Maxx household for a few years now. I'm all about giving our children more experiences -- more memories -- for Christmas. This year we are taking them to a 3-bedroom cabin in Hocking Hills for two nights. (Mom and Dad get their own room. Wahoo!!!) Hiking in the snow. Building a cozy fire. Playing board games. Reading books. With my family. That's what I'm dreaming of this holiday season.


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