Things that DO and DON'T matter

5/28/2008 08:12:00 PM
(In no particular order)

Things that
don't matter:
1. Who Jessica Simpson is dating.
2. That I had 2 pieces of blueberry cake tonight.
3. That I have a grey patch of hair starting at my part. (A la Stacey London, I hope. As opposed to Bea Arthur.)
4. Work. I mean at the end of the day, it's work.
5. Matching your clothes.

Things that do matter:
1. Laughing hard at least once a day.
2. My family & friends.
3. Being content with who I am and where I am. Right now. At this second.
4. Hardboiled eggs.
5. God.

What are your do's and don'ts?


  1. things that don't:
    1. work - it's not as if i'm saving the planet here
    2. the 2 pina coladas i drank last night
    3. what all the pundits have to say about the election

    things that do:
    1. hugging my girls every day. a lot
    2. having a job so that i can afford to give my kids a good life
    3. loving my family
    4. having fun
    5. coffee ( haha )

  2. I Love that you put eggs in there - awesome!

    Things That Don't Matter:
    - I agree about work. I am blessed to have a job, but I don't want a job to ever be my entire life’s focus.
    - That last night I dropped and broke a glass, spilled an entire new container of hummus on the floor and spilled a bunch of extra dressing on my salad b/c the control pour spout thing came off. (see do matter for why)
    - That our house is not perfectly clean
    - That Terry & I enjoy splurging on good food.

    Things That Do Matter:
    - That T & I can laugh off accidents, like above, and don’t get upset with each other or fret the small stuff.
    - That I have a man in my life who loves me for all my good traits as well as all my faults. And still thinks I am sexy no matter what.
    - Our friends and family
    - Planning for our future so we will be able to provide for our family
    - Faith
    - Enjoying every moment in this life

    This is good to write out every once in awhile. Do you still do that thing from Oprah…where you write down 5 things each day?

  3. W.K. I do! I still have the gratitude journal, but for 8 years I've NEVER written in it everyday. (Sadly).

    But I love it. And still write in it at least 8 times or so a month.

  4. Hard-boiled eggs do matter!

    I agree in general. We need to focus less on the superficial things and more on what's real, what's happening, in our lives.

  5. Don't Matter:
    *the opinions of people you DO NOT respect.
    *too many calories in one day (or skipping a workout)
    *wasting time doing nothing...sometimes you need it!
    *negativity of others

    Do Matter:
    *family and friends
    *helping others in need
    *saying how you feel and complimenting people often
    *(for me) traveling to new places

  6. Don't
    1. people that disagree with my parenting style
    2. people that disagree with my marriage style
    3. $500 purses
    4. having a clean house
    5. Tom Cruise

    1. playing with Athena and making her laugh ALL DAY
    2. cuddling with Athena
    3. taking a daily walk with Louis and Athena
    4. Blogging
    5. Al Gore


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