May 20, 2015

"It was my idea," said Martha Stewart. For the 879,201st time.

Martha Stewart has her very own triscuit.

(Of course she does.)

In this news story, it was reported that for a limited time only her special crackers will be in stores.

I'll go ahead and share my favorite quotes from the story. I've highlighed them:

"Though Stewart has countless cracker recipes of her own, she told The Huffington Post her partnership with Triscuit was her first experience working with a mass marketed cracker manufacturer. "It was a long and interesting process," she said, and after a lot of trial and error, she settled on coconut and sea salt, a flavor combination she thought would be "habit forming."

I'm not sure if fine-tuning a cracker recipe is "interesting", but I would imagine "long" is accurate.

May 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Two Pretzels - Nueve Años

As it appears, this blog has been in existence for NINE years.

You guys, nine years. That's one year shy of a decade.


I've written 5,085 posts.

I mean, if that's not dedication...

Through moving internationally, infertility, a baby, another baby real quick-like, a heartbreaking loss, so much... ya'll have been there.

Thank you.

You're so my peeps. And you're the best peeps, too.


May 17, 2015

Unapologetically me.

I've always been partial to at-home workouts.

This dates back to junior high and high school. Can I get an "amen" for Jane Fonda? (Thanks, Mom.) How about the dynamic duo: Buns and Abs of Steel?  Tell me you remember the step-craze and how popular Kathy Smith and Tamilee Webb were. I am even proud to admit that I was a fan of both Cindy Crawford VHS workout tapes. I even saved up to by a weird wrestler-like onesie thing at Target because she wore one. (Who works out in those? Totally uncomfortable.)

That's the onesie.

Anywho - when we moved to Cabo I started doing pilates at an actual studio for a few years and I actually grew (ok, lengthened...) one inch. I loved it. I felt so strong and it was awesome.

But then I got pregnant with Lila and after some minor infertility issues, I wasn't willing to do anything that would put my pregnancy at risk; least of all lie on my back on a pilates reformer. So I quit. I was scared.

May 15, 2015

Phonetic spelling.

So my name is Kylee.

Throughout my lifetime several handfuls of people just haven't been able to grasp either my name or the spelling of it. Which boggles my mind because it's about as phonetic as it could be: KY-lee.

I've been called:


And it's been spelled:


However today someone with whom I've worked for a year a half actually emailed me and spelled my name, "Kulley."

[Go ahead. I'll wait. Wrinkle your brow. Absorb that.]


Which brings me to my next point: people who just don't get it.

It appears that there are people in this world who just don't quite get it.

One could propose that they don't care if they get it or not.
One could propose that they're self-absorbed.
One could propose that they're dense.
One could propose they've just got a lot going on.

No matter. No importa. No big deal.

People are all different and I suppose that's the lovely thing about life. Everyone is different.

Have a great weekend, everyone.



May 14, 2015

A whole bunch of random.

| Mexico |

Spiderman's pediatrician TEXTED me to check on her. (She has croup.)
Therefore, I award 35 points for the thoughtful text and 0 points off for spelling her name incorrectly.

Yay for healthcare in Mexico! You can actually have a relationship with your doctor and a visit that lasts as long as you need.

And you can text your doctor.



| Hair |

It's [nearly] summer across the U.S., however it is [perpetually] summer in Cabo.

Therefore I added color to my hair.


May 11, 2015


Me: "You know that cilantro I planted? I think it's parsley."

Craig: [just looks at me] "No. I'm pretty sure that's cilantro."

Me: [disregarding what he just said. Not convinced.] "Nope. I tasted it. I think it's parsley."

Craig: [silent]

Me: "There should be an app for that. Like, 'What's this herb?' and you take a picture and send it in to someone and it tells you which herb you have."

Craig: "There's like 12 herbs. I think everyone knows what they are."

I love him.


That said,
What do you think?

Here's my yet-to-be-mulched herb garden. That black screen stuff keeps the weeds out.


Here are the herbs in question.
This LOOKS like cilantro but TASTES LIKE PARSLEY.

Same herb as above.

This tastes like parsley.


May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

She's always with me.

She's always with them.

She's always.

I couldn't be more honored to be their Mommy and her daughter.


(Bottom three photos by Summer K Photography)
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