Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another Message from the Mom of the Year: Emergency Room Visit #2

[I'll preface this by saying that everyone is ok.]

So the first time Vivi went to the Emergency Room it was exactly one-month after my Mom died, October 9, 2014. I wrote about it here. We were playing, I thought I broke her wrist. Sadness, guilt, blah, blah, blah.

After ER Visit #1 - at my hand.

So enter last Thursday.

I get home from work and we're going to all run to the beach club to SWIM! As you can see, these two were ready to go. (I take sun protection seriously. Lol.)

Photo taken by their Daddy. Sporting their new swimsuits and old rain boots, because... duh.

We all were doing final prep -- I think I asked Vivi to get her shoes out of her closet.

While I'm in my room finishing getting ready, Craig's in the kitchen and Lila's in her room, we hear a LOUD CRASH and henceforth the blood-curdling, heart-halting scream that no parent wants to hear.

The husband makes it to Vivienne first. I soon follow. We have no idea what happened...until a second later when there was BLOOD GUSHING OUT OF HER HEAD.


(Blood is dripping in her eyes at this point.)

You guys.

When I say "gushing" I'm not exaggerating. We had NO idea where it was coming from! Did she hit her head on the door frame? On a corner of her toy shelf? WHERE WAS IT COMING FROM.

After we were able to clean the blood away a bit (it kept flowing!), we saw a nice-sized little 1.5 inch gash in her forehead and realized an ER visit was imminent. This was going to require stitches.

In the middle of her forehead.


Here. I'll tell you. (Thank God there isn't a Gringo Child Protective Services in Cabo).

THIS fell on my 3-year-old peanut's head.

A humidifier. That humidifier broke on my 28 lb. child's head. On her "forthead" to be exact. (She calls it her, "forthead." Which I sort of love.)

I stored the humidifier on the top shelf in her closet but apparently I hadn't pushed it back far enough... and...

YOU GUYS IT FELL ON HER HEAD. (It could have been so much worse...)


SO, she screamed. Blood was everywhere. Lila was scared to pieces. We went to the Emergency Room and she screamed more. The insertion of the numbing stuff (technical term) with the big needle into her gash was obnoxiously painful to watch. There's an, "I-don't-want-to-be-here-doing-this" cry and there's an, "I'm-scared-and-this-hurts-me,-Mommy-help-me" cry. We were dealing with the latter.

Small blurry picture so as to not gross you out.
Be thankful I didn't text you the REAL bloody pictures like I did for my sisters.
So, I held her as they stitched her up (I smile as I write this, because I make it sound so simple... as if.) and as she hid her eyes with her stuffed Minnie Mouse's yellow fuzzy feet pressed up against them. (Sweet girl.) "I don't want anyone to see me."

Three stitches. Clean cut. Sadness all around.

She was a trooper, though.

I learned several things throughout this experience:

1.) Don't place seemingly innocuous objects in locations that could potentially be dangerous or precarious. Duh. That humidifier could fall on your kid, Kylee.

2.) Head wounds exhibit a RIDICULOUS amount of blood. Like, copious amounts of blood. Like that one towel ain't.gonna.cut.it.

3.) Oreos fix everything.

So, that was that.



The next morning, I showed the little lady her boo-boo so that she would know not to touch it. She wasn't pleased. :(

So I let her put on my lip gloss.

Still, she felt great. She took exactly one dose of tylenol and didn't need or want a second. "My head doesn't hurt, Mommy. I'm healin'."

Sweet girl.

Nothing can hold this little sprite down. She's keeping busy just reading and taking care of her babies.

Look! She found the independence of having her baby feed herself!

She wanted to see what her "titches" looked like so she posed. And I showed her.

Yeah, I don't really know what to tell you about this one...

And that was that. All is well now. We're keeping her stitches out of the sun and they should be out tomorrow or Wednesday.

Hopefully we can go more than six months without an ER visit.


Here's to an uneventful holiday weekend to you and yours!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Obsessed with Shinola.

I'm not sure when I first read about Shinola, but I was immediately drawn to it. Why? Because they're a watchmaking company... from Detroit.


As a Northwest Ohioan from Toledo, Detroit was a [hip] hop, skip and a jump from us. Every cool concert I went to? In Detroit. Every great baseball game? In Detroit. Every January we checked out the biggest auto show in the land. I respect Motown. I would be honored to wear one of their creations.

Did you know that very, very few watches are made in the U.S.? As in, pretty much none. Yeah, me either.

Enter, Shinola.

Learn more about them here.

I just ordered this and CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE.

The Birdy 34mm Double Wrap Leather Strap - see here.

Why manufacture watches in Detroit? I love their response:

We know there’s not just history in Detroit, there is a future.


So check out the site and watch the little movie and applaud them for doing something cool in Detroit.

Oh, and they make bikes, too. See here.

Nicely done, Shinola.

**Nope, not compensated for this post. Just think the watch is cool and cannot wait for mine to arrive.


Friday, April 11, 2014

What does it say about me...

What does it say about me that I actually amazon-searched, "fresh water fountain for dogs" and that I'm actually considering buying a $35 electric filtered water system for Ferg and Ferg's dog, Millie?

I'm shaking my own head.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Oh, you don't even know how much I love eggs.
When I was pregnant for Lila, I ate hard boiled eggs stuffed with tuna salad every.single.day.

At this point in my egg-loving-tenure, I've read article upon article instructing me how to boil the perfect egg that is then conducive to easy, stress-free peeling. I've tried cold water baths, I've tried boiling for a certain amount of time, I've tried wine (for me)... I've tried it all.

Um. Craig showed me this...

(If you can't see the video above, click here.)

I was like, "You're nuts. That's amazing, but you're nuts. And so is that guy."

Enter Monday.

After I picked up the girls from school, I quick-boiled some eggs [because why not?] so that I could make deviled eggs later [because again, why not have deviled eggs on a Monday night? We're an egg-qual opportunity household. Get it? ahahahahahahha].

I boiled them for forever because I got caught up in getting the girls ready for ballet.

So, I turn off the eggs and thank God I remember to turn off the gas stovetop, leave them in the covered pan on the stove and off we go to ballet. I figured I'd peel them later.

[Insert about 2.3 hours later.]

I go to peel the eggs, ugh. Peeling eggs is like removing wallpaper. There is no greater joy then when you pull off nearly a whole egg shell or a 3 foot strip of old, ugly wallpaper.

Craig reminded me to try the method above.

So, I knocked the little egg on the counter and peeled off about a dime-sized bit of the shell. Then I tapped the bottom of the egg on the counter and removed again, about a dime-sized bit of the shell... then I blew into the top of the egg...



Craig stood there.
Wide eyed.
Like he had just seen a yeti. In our kitchen. In Cabo.

I was flabbergasted.

So immediately, the disbelievers we are, we both said, "Whoa. Let's try this again. Beginner's luck. Fluke."





It took me about 2 minutes to peel 11 eggs.

CONSIDER that I had the eggs in water for about 2 hours, but would that make a difference? Not sure.




I implore you, boil eggs today and try this.

Then, come back to me and let's talk about how amazing this is.

Those eggs slide right out of those little white shells as if they were embarrassed to be wearing that color the day after Labor Day.


I'm still shaking my head

[...fills pan with water, turns on stove... adds more eggs...]


Monday, April 07, 2014

Shopping, landscaping, hair cuts, painting and more.

So it was a busy weekend!

Lila will be five in June (gasp) so we thought maybe it was time for her first-ever real, not-in-our-courtyard haircut.

Here's the little lady before.

And the requisite back-of-the-head shot. (It was wavy because it was in a braid.)

Here we are at the salon. The nail tech's photo bomb makes my life. They were all so nice.

She wasn't so sure of the whole process.

But she did so well. I love this picture because she looks like a baby still, no?

Here's the after.

Did we cut any off? Yep - just a couple of inches, though.
She actually asked, "Is my hair as short as Vivi's???"

Sweet girl, she didn't trust the mirror. I get it.

So after that, we grabbed Vivi and her Daddy and we all headed down to Cabo to buy some paint at Home Depot, some plants at our favorite nursery and then we stopped at this place - it's pretty amazing. A cornucopia of Mexican decor. Amazing. I can't believe we've lived here for nearly 8 years and haven't ever been there! (We've driven past it 3 trillion times saying, "Yeah, we should go there...")

I mean, you don't even know. Rooms upon rooms upon spaces upon spaces of stuff. Cool stuff.

I couldn't take too many pictures because I was too busy trying to ensure that my children a.) didn't break something (!!) or b.) fall off of a third-floor terrace that had no railings. (Yay, Mexico!)

So after that, we tried a new-to-us taco place.

A good group photo was elusive.

Then we headed home.

Wee-vee was exhausted.

(How cute are those little chair stacked next to Vivienne? Adorable.)

So then we ended the day with these two yahoos watching Frozen. In 3D.

Kindly note:

The hand-holding.
Vivi's excitement.
Lila holding Petal. (Petal is wearing a dress made out of the arm of a pair of footy-pajamas that Lila's Mimi bought her two years ago. The zipper broke in the pj's so Lila (naturally) lost it so we had to fashion pj's for Petal (also naturally.)
(Petal is wearing a dress.)
They're using the baby blankets that I made for them. I think I started Lila's 2 years before she was born.



Next it was Saturday.

We had our courtyard painted last week so in preparation I ripped down the beautiful vines that were growing all the way up the walls (I had enough.) and it left our courtyard naked. So, this weekend it was time to re-plant.

(We painted it a very exciting beige. See below.)

So, here's the sketchy looking courtyard dirt section before.

Nice pipe on the top, right?

First I planted these.

Lovely pink flowers.

Next, I planted these silvery-looking things. What are they? [shrugs shoulders]

You might not be able to see, but they have a very delicate purple flower.

They're precious. What are they? [shrugs shoulders again]


There it is. Un-mulched.

The final row has lovely yellow flowers. They're so cute.

And here it is all mulched.

(Are you overcome by the excitement of my life yet?)

Next up: we need to hang the outdoor wall decor. (I love courtyards. Thank you, Mexico, for introducing them to me. I adore them.)

Exciting changes.


Then came Sunday.

My sister B, mother of these two cuties below, took Lila and Vivi off my hands so that I could organize and clean this room.

It's Lila's room and it's becoming the "sisters' room."

Bunk beds have been ordered and the ladies are going to soon be moving in together. Right now they're sleeping together in the queen bed in Vivi's room. Since Disneyland they've been co-habitating. They want to sleep in the same room, but the same bed thing ain't working so well. We're hoping bunks are the key.

Anywho, so I organized and removed EVERYTHING without a child getting all up in my tasks.

It was HEAVEN. (Thank you, B!)

(That's the pretty under-rug cushion thing.)

Farewell, celery green that I was so excited about when we were preparing for Lila's birth 5 years ago.


So, the ladies fancied the middle paint option, "candy floss."


It looks more like this...

So, after the organizing and paint prep, I picked the ladies up from their cousins' house.

Vivi fell asleep on the 4-minute drive home.

And more impressively, she continued sleeping throughout the transition from the car to the house to the couch.

Sweet girl.

This was 5:30 p.m. We finally had our time change yesterday, too. So this made for a long night...

Sorry, I had to get a closer shot.

So, all in all.

A good weekend.

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