March 25, 2015

My computer. And Mr. Rogers. And my Mom.

Yep. My computer died today. And I'll tell you what, I'm handling this remarkably well.

I haven't swore, raised my voice, or even lashed out at anyone. (Which is good for me.)

I'm bummed. It's extremely inconvenient. And typing on a bluetooth iPad keyboard isn't ideal... (#firstworldproblems), but you know what, it's just a thing.


No sense in worrying about what's done.

Speaking of things. There's this love, Mr. Rogers.

And there's this video. For some reason it won't embed... but promise me you'll watch it. It's here. Leave a comment. TELL ME you watched it.

Go watch this video here: (That image isn't clickable. It's just a screenshot)

It warmed my heart and may or may not have brought a tear to my eye.


"The best thing about things... they remind us of people."

Amen. And Amen again.

Computer-shmuter. But I love Mr. Rogers.



On a side note - these are the days that I miss my Mom a little bit more acutely. I want to tell her that my computer broke. (The same computer that her fingers have typed on during her visits.) I want to tell her about my current frustrations and concerns about sending my children to school in a state where the educational system seems to just be not good enough. I want to tell her about Lila's Star of the Week and how Vivi is swimming across the pool ALL BY HERSELF . And I want to tell her how I bought a Cuisinart Egg Central and it poaches eggs, makes omlets AND soft, medium and hard boils eggs and it's LIFE CHANGING. (GENIUS.)

These are the days that I miss my Mom.

Not my computer.


Talk radio in 2015

Some of my podcasts
I started listening to talk radio when I was maybe about 14.

(I know. SUPER cool. You've seen my school pictures, right?)

I was first introduced to talk radio via Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Remember her? EEK. She wasn't as... overwhelming back then as she is today. (I absolutely do not listen to her anymore.)

So back to me at 14... I was nosy and I liked that instead of singing with the radio I could hear talking on the radio.

Then, fast forward to when I started driving. While you could hear me jamming to Tonic's Lemonparade and Fiona Apple, you'd also hear me listening to Mitch Albom on Detroit's AM 760. (I still listen to it when I'm in Ohio.)


Enter today, podcasts.

You guys. TELL ME you're subscribing to weekly podcasts on your iPhone.

(I don't understand why you wouldn't.)

You should know Ira Glass of NPR "This American Life." (See here. I believe this is the most popular podcast in the country.) Start there.

You should be listening to Invisibilia. (See here.)

I can't quite explain it - and I don't want to affect or bias your opinions with the myriad of podcasts out there, but there are so, so, so many. Find one or two that you love. And listen.

Sometimes listening without a visual is exactly what my brain needs.

Yay, podcasts.


March 24, 2015

What they Say. Volume VI.

1. The other morning Lila and Vivi were eating breakfast in the kitchen before school. The older one had to get up and take a restroom break, so she used the powder room nearest the kitchen. While she was in there, she, with the door open per usual, started to sing... a lovely little high-pitched tune.

Vivi, sitting there eating her yogurt says to me matter-of-factly, "I think so my sister's a mermaid."


I think so, too.


2. Lila has taken to calling me on the home phone at our house while I'm in my office at work.

My first phone call from her:

Me: "Hello this is Kylee."

Her: "Hi Kylee." [insert copious giggles]

I love her.


My second phone call from her:

Me: "Hello, this is Kylee."

Her: "I know."

Me: "What cha up to?"

Her: [sighs] "...well, I just got finished doing some yoga and now I think I might play with my sister."



"Just got finished with some yoga and now I think I might play with my sister."


Each and every phone call since hasn't disappointed.

3. Another phone call from Lila while she's at home and I'm at work:

Me: "Hello."

Her: "Mommy. Vivi and I made a pinky promise and she broke it."

Me: "Oh. Hmmm... Well, what was the promise?"

Her: "She promised that she would make a club with me then when I started making the club she started making a party and now she won't go to the club."

Me: "Oh."

Her: "And I don't want to go to the party and if I do go to the party, I don't know what I should take and can I use the pink balloons I know where they are and a party needs balloons."

Me: "Sure. Use the balloons. Let me talk to your sister."

waiting, enter little Vivi-voice

Vivi: "Mommy."

Me: "Yes, Vivi. Did you break your pinky promise?"

Vivi: "It's because... Mommy, I want to play separately."

Me: "You don't want to play with Lila right now?"

Vivi: "No."


I mean, we all have our limits.

It's good to know just how much we can handle and what we want.

I'm not raising delicate flowers.


March 22, 2015

Coconut oil and you hair. Well, my hair.

Coconuts squirreled away at the 'old house after Hurricane Odile in September. Coconut water is full of electrolytes.
So, coconut oil.

We've all seen many-an-article touting the incredibleness of coconut oil. It's healing! It's a moisturizer! It's safe for dogs! IT WILL CURE ALL THAT AILS YOU!

(Read this: "Is Coconut Oil Really All It's Cracked up to Be?").

I recently had my hair colored and I noticed that my ends were a bit... dry. (I did some balayage. Well, I didn't. She did. I love it, but it's drying.)

In full disclosure, I only wash my hair once a week, (yes.). So obviously I'm not over-drying my hair with product.

With encouragement from my hair stylist cousin, I gave coconut oil as a hair treatment a try.

Here's what I do:

I SLATHER my ends with oil from the end up; being careful not to a.) get it on my clothes and b.) on my scalp. I only do the ends, not the roots. (Who wants oily hair? Not this lady.) (Wear a shirt you don't love.)

I massage the oil in well, twisting my hair around and finally wrapping it in a loose bun at the nape of my neck.

I let it sit... for a couple (or several) hours. (Sundays are exciting at our house.)

I wash and condition as usual.

The difference in my ends is definitely noticeable. After a couple of weeks, dare I say I had a "shiny-happy-hair" day - as opposed to a "frizzy-that-girl-needs-some-help" day.

Office selfie. Like that printer in the background? SEXY.

So, give it a whirl.

Seriously. It smells like vacation.


Incidentally, there is no better cleaner for my stainless steel fridge than coconut oil. Seriously. (I rub it on with a cotton rag and buff it off. NO STREAKING.)

How cute is this little coconut-toting lady. (September 2014.)

March 19, 2015

Pretzel randomness.

I love this Stella & Dot necklace. Find it here. I love the gold, the length (it's long) and the jewels.

This is fantastic. And the cause is laudable. Win/win. See here.

Look. My babies. Two years ago. Two and Three years old.

I love being a their Mom.

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