July 5, 2015

PSA: A new mascara that I quite like. (NOT a paid post)


This ain't my first rodeo. I've talked about Mascara so many times on this blog since I began writing.
And my current favorite is this Tarte's Gifted. (I wrote a retraction extolling it's virtues over Lancome's Grandiose, here.)

So on a whim I decided to try Benefit's Rollerlash.

(Hello, my name is Kylee, I am addicted to mascara buying.)

First off, the whole operation is impressive. When I removed it from the box I asked my husband, "I wonder if every mascara recipe is exactly the same and we're merely paying for different packaging..."

He gave me that, "Duh, you just figured that out look"... but didn't say a word.

I digress.

THIS mascara is FANTASTIC.

I always use a lash primer (my favorite is Lancome -- this one and I do not like Urban Decay's, it's ALWAYS clumpy. ALWAYS) - but with this one? NO primer needed!

Buying it SAVES you money becuase you no longer need a primer.

(You're welcome.)

It's unbelievable. I don't know how that wand works, but it's magical. Perfectly spaced, non-sticking-together lashes that look lovely and do not ever flake.

I like it. A lot.

Ignore the hair.


July 1, 2015

Oh, to be 16 again...

One year ago. Us. Being cool. Like we are.

Sweet, Chloe...
I want to scoop you up in my arms, cuddle with you on the couch, eat mashed potatoes and watch Charlie and Lola and close my eyes and remember when you were my teeny sweetie.

But that seems strange now that you are SIXTEEN.

You're sixteen.

How did this happen?
Wait. I know how this happened. It's life. It's the way.things.go.

I'm ok with you getting older, only because I am on.the.edge.of.my.seat waiting to see what you choose to do with your life. Because now, my dear - your life, well -- it's yours. Sure, you still live under the roof of your Mom and we can hear her saying, "Look up. See that roof? Whose is it? Mine.", but every decision you make from here on out? Well, it affects no one but you.

SO, with that in mind, I will tell you, my much-cooler, much-more sophisticated, much-more socially graceful than I was at your age, niece - what I wish I knew at 16.

June 30, 2015

How to train your hair - Stop washing it everyday.

No photoshop or any of that tomfoolery here; I don't know how to do all of that.

I wash my hair once a week.


I actually stretched it last month and got to 10 days without even trying. (To confirm, I do shower daily.)


Go ahead. Consider that.

Here's what you may be thinking:

June 28, 2015

We all need to do it our *own* way.

So a while back I wrote a post about how I felt great. (It was called, "Unapologetically Me." It's here if you want to read it.)

I think that everyone has their own lightbulb moment... there are moments in life when something just clicks.

For me, it was after my Mom died. I was heart broken. I seriously felt as if my heart had been ripped from my chest and was physically broken. The pain was oppressive and intense and heavy. During that time, I started exercising mindlessly because I thought that

June 25, 2015

Put a fork in me.

I'm done.

**WARNING: complaint below**

Since life is not always rainbows and unicorns, see my previous post - I figured I'd take a harried second to tell you that I'm here! I'm just go, go, going.

On Tuesday when I RAN from work to go to the girls' swim class in the most gorgeous of settings - it ain't like I'm sitting in a  sweaty YMCA - I'm at a Beach Club with an infinity edge pool and palm trees swaying in the breeze... I was frazzled.

Craig and I had just tag-teamed: he picked the ladies up from school that day so that I could get more done at the office, then he took them to swim class and I met him there so that he could leave and go to a 6 p.m. meeting.

After swim I had an hour to get them home, changed, school clothes laid out, dinner fed, finish up homework and be on a conference call at 7 p.m.



My To Do list never shrinks.
My brain never stops.
There is always something to do.
An email to reply to.
A bill to pay.
A birthday to remember.
A meal to cook.
A hug or kiss to give.
A workout that needs to be checked off.
A passport that needs to be renewed.
A boo boo to fix.
A date to be scheduled.
A document that needs to be edited.
Homework to be checked.
A fight to break up.
A vacation to plan.
Doctor's appointments and visits to plan in the U.S.
A skirt that needs to be washed for picture day.
A sliver that needs to be removed.
A blog post that needs to be written...

There's always something, right?

[So anyway, I got off tangent... again.]

As I was sitting there at swim class I said to myself, "Kylee. Yup. You could be overwhelmed and weighted down by this, or you can realize that your life, oh, your life... it's full..."

And I smiled.

My life is full.

And I'm happy.

Sure, it's full of chaos and tears and putting out fires and running and errands and burned bacon and missed phone calls and forgotten texts...

...but it's full of the good stuff, too.

We're making memories right now.
We're laughing all of the time.
THIS is what I will MISS when they are older.
And I love who I'm married to.
And I feel good, like better than I've ever felt.

So, today - in the midst of the craziness - I'm going to say that I am thankful for it all.

I'm choosing happy* and gratitude, today.


Back to work.


Please note that I started this email out ANNOYED and angry and overwhelmed and now I feel better.

Writing is therapy.


June 22, 2015

That's my dog.

My dog is the best.

Today is her birthday.

She's 8.

She's a Havanese and she's cuddly and sweet and to know her is to love her.


She  is perfection.

SeƱorita Fergie Lupita ("Fergie Lu") never bites. She was trained in less than a week. She's never chewed on a toy that wasn't hers, she curls up and has slept with the girls since.they.were.babies. and she still sleeps with them each night. She waits for me wherever I am and knows how to throw her own toys. She doesn't love thunderstorms but she adores shoulder rubs.

Ferg is a dog above other dogs.

You heard it here.


"...your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant..."

I have a best friend.
She's incredible.

We were first put together by the Bluffton College roommate planning committee (Did this exist? Am I making this up?) and let's just say upon first glance neither one of us thought it was going to work.

Fast forward eighteen years later and I can safely say that I could not imagine my life without her. Clearly Dan P., our Northwest Ohio admissions advisor, knew something we did not.

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